Do you want to wish Negative a Merry Christmas?! Here is your chance! Our friends at are making a Christmas video, which will be sent to NGT. Here is the information for it:

"This year as well we would like to do something very special with you!
Once again we're planning to create a video for the guys of Negative and you've got the chance to send your christmas greetings to them via photo of you with a message! So make up your mind...get dressed as Santa Claus or write a short poem about the band!
Put your message, Name, age and Hometown/country on the photo and send it with the subject: "Christmasmessage" to
Deadline is 18.12.09
We are looking forward to your creative ideas!
We'll try to transmit the video with all photos/greetings to the band.
We are looking forward to photos from Fans from all over the world!
Here is a example for the size of your photo:

Thanks so much to Negative-Love for this opportunity, and we hope to see you all on the video!!