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Welcome to NGT Feeding Fire.

Disclaimer: All stories, artwork, graphics, ect., are the work of the particular artist and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Krissy Love or NGT Feeding Fire. ALL STORIES ARE FICTIONAL, and if it says "Do not read if you're underage in the country you live in," that means DO NOT READ IF YOU'RE UNDERAGE IN THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN. We claim no responsibility for any reprocussions that follow ignoring this warning. We are not affliated with the members of Negative and we do not know the members of Negative, nor do we claim either of these. If a piece of artwork contains one of your pictures, or one of your pictures is on the site, please send an email to krissylove@ngtfeedingfire.net and credit will be given. All fanfictions are just that - FICTION. We do not claim anything in our fanfictions is truth in any way. In summary, WE ARE POOR AND LOVE NGT WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS, PLEASE GOD DON'T SUE US!!! :D



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