"Double Trouble"
by Krissy Love

Larry Love lay draped over the couch in his and Christus' livingroom, completely unsuspecting, quietly drinking a beer and flipping through the channels on the television. It was a lazy day at home - one of several days off in a row - and he had been drinking for a while now, and had gotten quite a buzz going. He was almost drunk but not quite, though it was only late afternoon and he really hadn't been awake all that long. As far as he knew, Christus still was not awake - he had not heard any stirring from the other guitarist's bedroom, which he had to admit was rather odd when he saw that the clock read 4:37 p.m. Usually Christus woke up around 11 a.m. and then Larry followed around 2 or 3 p.m. The curly-haired man thought about checking in on his bandmate and friend, but as soon as the thought crossed his mind, he heard a sound from the other room - the sound of an empty bottle falling to the floor - as if Christus had read his mind. Double Trouble indeed. He chuckled to himself; he must not be the only one drinking. Now assured that Christus was, in fact, alive, Larry let a long yawn escape him and snuggled his body deeper into the couch cushions. It was nice to relax like this, and before long, he found himself drifting in and out of sleep - he really hadn't intended to nap, but he allowed himself, figuring that there wasn't really anything more important to do.

The next thing Larry knew, a heavyness on his body was waking him up, and he tried to make a startled little noise, but he found that his voice was muffled. What the...? Eyes opening, that which had awakened him quickly became apparent; Christus was straddling his waist, and had his hand over his mouth. Larry gave him a 'what the fuck' look, clearly annoyed at being disturbed.

"You were snoring," Christus said, shrugging his shoulders, but making no attempt to move.

Larry's eyes narrowed even more, and he wanted to say in the most sarcastic tone possible, "And that was justification for waking me up?" but unfortunately for him, Christus' hand was still over his mouth and the position the other man had taken on top of him did not enable Larry to free his arms and move the hand away. What came out instead was a muffled grunt, and finally Christus got the hint and moved his hand.

"Don't be so pissy. What the hell are you so tired for, anyway? You just woke up a few hours ago! How old are you, 80?" Christus asked smugly.

With a quick movement of his body, Larry pushed Christus onto the floor with a 'thud'. "You're older than I am," he pointed out.

Christus rubbed his backside, sore from his abrupt falling off the couch. "That may be true, but I get ten times more pussy than you do."

They both started laughing at that, and Larry shook his head at Christus, curls moving from side to side. "How would you know? You're too wasted to remember most of the time."

"Yes," Christus grinned, "but so are you."

Larry's face wore a matching grin. "Good point. Beer?" He reached for one of the bottles on the table and held it out to Christus in offering.

Christus quickly took the bottle, moving Larry's legs so that he could sit down on the couch and enjoy his beer. The other guitarist appeared playfully annoyed at the invasion of his space, and quickly spread his legs over Christus' lap, smiling triumphantly.

"One of these days, I am going to hurt you," Christus said, trying to look as serious as possible but failing miserably in holding back his grin.

"Bring it on," Larry laughed, sipping his beer.

At that, Christus suddenly pounced on his bandmate, both of their beers spilling all over them as the two men wrestled like children, laughing the whole time. When the couch became too small for their tussle, Larry flipped them onto the floor, both of them landing with an 'oompf' and then rolling across the livingroom together. Seeking leverage, Christus - who was on the bottom of this wrestling match - tried pulling Larry's hair but his hands were quickly slapped away, one arm being bent painfully backwords.

Christus cried out, trying to wriggle his arm free. "Ow, ow, ow!!! Let go you fucker!!!"

"Only if you admit I get more pussy than you," Larry grinned, twisting Christus' arm further.

"NEVER!!!!!!" Christus somehow managed to pull his arm out of Larry's grasp and pin the other man to the ground, using his body weight to keep him still - he was heavier than he looked, and the additional muscle power he put in did the job rather well. "Give up?" the older of the two men asked, grinning down at the younger.

"Hell no," Larry growled, looking determined as he tried and tried to get free.

"Maybe I'll have to persuade you, then," Christus said slyly, his tongue darting out to run over his bottom lip.

Larry's struggling stopped for a moment as he looked at the other man with intrigue. "And just how do you plan to do that?"

Christus grinned, a grin that spoke of devilishness and debauchery. "How do I always persuade you?"

"If it involves that gorgeous mouth of yours, count me in," said Larry, eyebrows raised.

"Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. You won't get to find out unless you admit what we both already know to be true," Christus replied matter-of-factly.

Larry's eyebrows raised a little bit more. "And what exactly would that be?"

"That I am the one who gets the most pussy," Christus replied smugly.

Larry chuckled. "But you already know I'm not going to admit that."

Christus clicked his tongue. "Well, I guess we're both fucked then. Or not fucked, depending on how you look at it."

Larry got his arms free, and started to run his hands up and down Christus' sides. "As if you could resist me."

Christus started to laugh, as if that was the funniest thing he had ever heard. "Are you sure you want to make that challenge? I have an enormous amount of self-control, you know."

Rolling his eyes, Larry once again pushed Christus off of him. "Kristian, I know you much better than that. If you were sober, that might be true, but you aren't. You're not fooling me."

"You know, nothing says 'fuck me' like being shoved to the floor," Christus responded sarcastically, rubbing his sore backside for the second time in just a few minutes. "I think that's going to bruise."

"Then you bruise too easily," Larry said coyly, picking up his discarded beer and smiling, pleased, as he discovered that there was still some liquid in the bottle.

Christus' eyes narrowed in annoyance - he did not like being one-upped. "Sometimes I just want to strangle you."

Larry started to laugh heartily as he sipped his beer. "I assure you that the feeling is mutual. But whatever happened to the 'persuasion' you spoke of, hm?"

"I think you successfully killed the mood by knocking me on my ass, thanks," Christus hissed.

Larry batted his eyelashes a little. "Aww, Kristian, don't be mad at me, I was just having a little fun with you. Come here." His hand went to Christus' lower back, rubbing softly, trying to get back in the other man's good graces.

Christus immediately softened, moving a little bit closer, his eyelids falling closed at the feelings Larry's hand was starting to create within him. "As long as you promise to be nice this time."

"I promise," Larry vowed, finishing his beer and freeing up his other hand so that now both hands were rubbing Christus' back.

Christus began to purr like a kitten under the touch, arching into Larry's hands. "Mmm, that feels good."

"I know," the curly-haired guitarist replied, his hands continuing to work the tension from Christus' muscles. "That's the point."

Enjoying the touch for a few moments more, Christus then laid down on the floor next to Larry, pressing his body softly against the other man's. "You know, it's really nice to be home."

Larry's hand moved to run softly through Christus' hair, which - for once - had no products in it. He had tucked the black part behind his ear to keep it out of his eyes, but had not bothered to put a bandana over it, as he normally would've if he was going to be in public and didn't feel like fussing with his hair; he was comfortable enough around Larry that it didn't matter at all to him. Larry liked that Christus wasn't concerned with his appearance around him, and even though Christus hated when he called him 'Kristian', it still made him smile to know that when they were alone, the 'Sir Christus' rockstar personality was dropped and the real man behind all that came out. "I like it when you wear your hair like this."

Christus gave a little laugh and subconsciously ran a hand through his hair. "It looks terrible, I'm sure."

Shaking his head no, Larry gave Christus' lips the tiniest little peck of a kiss - the first one of the evening. He could feel the cold steel of Christus' piercing against his lips and it sent a little shiver through his body, one which Christus easily detected, but did not remark on. Instead, he wrapped an arm around Larry's waist, cuddling close to him. The other hand reached up onto the table for his cigarettes and lighter, placing one between his lips. "Want one?"

Larry nodded his head yes - as if he would ever say no to a cigarette. He took a cigarette from the pack and Christus flicked the lighter and lit it, then lifted the lighter to the cigarette between his own lips. Drawing the nicotine into his body, Larry gave a pleased sigh, enjoying the situation he found himself in. It seemed forever since they'd had a day off, and he couldn't think of a better way to spend it than snuggled up to Christus like this. Reaching for the ashtray, he tapped his cigarette in it before leaning in to place a kiss behind Christus' ear, and this time it was the other man who shivered. That made Larry chuckle, and he nuzzled the spot against his lips, sensing that it was pleasurable to the other man. And indeed it was, as Christus gave a delighted little purr, feeling something in his lower-regions spring to life. When Larry noticed it, he chuckled even more, enjoying Christus' reactions to him. "You know, it has been too long since we did this," he observed, his fingers playing at the hem of Christus' t-shirt.

"Mmhmm," came Christus' distracted-sounding reply, his eyes closed in relaxation, the burning cigarette between his fingers completely forgotten. When Larry grabbed the cigarette and stamped it out in the ashtray, not a single sound of protest came from Christus' lips; he was focused on other things, things which were much more important.

A good three-quarters of an hour later, the two men lay in a sweaty pile on the floor, breathing hard, and kissing eachother softly. Both were satisfied and happy, and both were trying hard to resist the feeling - could it be love? - that was pulling at their heartstrings, though neither of them knew the other felt it too, and neither of them had the courage to say anything about it. For now, they would remain Double Trouble. Nothing more, nothing less. As for the future, well, that was anyone's guess.

~The End~