"A Lot Of Explaining To Do"
by Krissy Love

"Shut the door!" Lauri laughed, tripping over himself as he stepped into the bathroom and pulled Sir in behind him.

Sir burst out in a fit of giggles, nearly dropping his beer as he attempted to get the door to Jonne's bathroom shut behind them.

But his giggling was abruptly cut off as Lauri pushed him up against the door and kissed him. It was sloppy but good, and they were both too drunk to tell the difference. Lauri's tongue wasted no time in slipping between his lips and he curled his own around it, savoring the taste of alcohol and something that was just Lauri. Sir moaned into his mouth, attempting to rub his growing arousal against Lauri's leg, but almost causing them both to fall again. Once again they both began to laugh loudly, almost forgetting that their bandmates were only in the next room.

"Shhhh," Lauri smiled, putting a finger over Sir's lips. Sir sucked the tip of Lauri's finger into his mouth.

"I'll 'shhhh' you!" he grinned devilishly.

"Will you now?" Lauri asked, raising an eyebrow and returning Sir's grin. "That sounds rather enjoyable."

Still grinning, Sir dropped down to his knees, fumbling drunkenly at the fastenings of Lauri's pants. He finally managed to get them undone, and pulled them down around his ankles. Lauri looked down at Sir, watching eagerly, knowing what was coming next. Sir licked at the head of his cock, watching Lauri as he did, their eyes locked. His expression was wicked and almost challenging, as if he was daring Lauri to make a sound. As Lauri felt the cold metal of Sir's piercing contrasted with the heat of his mouth, he realized just how hard it was going to be to stay quiet.

A strangled moan slipped past his lips and he was met with a swift punishment in the form of Sir's fingernails digging into his hips. But this only encouraged Lauri more, and he began to make a series of noises that sounded suspiciously like whimpers.

"Oh god...." Lauri breathed out, "You'd better get up here if you don't want me to cum in your mouth."

"I wouldn't mind," Sir grinned, but allowed Lauri to pull him up by the hair, meeting his lover's lips in a kiss. The kiss was made even sloppier as Lauri tried to undo Sir's pants and kiss him at the same time. Finally Sir helped him, and his pants were around his ankles too. Lauri helped him sit up on the counter, so that he was laying down at waist level with him, and pulled Sir's legs up over his shoulders.

The only sounds were matching grunts coming out of both guitarists' mouths as Lauri forced himself inside Sir, both of them panting and moaning as he stopped for a moment to let Sir readjust. Sir's hand was already on his own cock and he was jerking it hard and fast; apparently this wasn't going to be the longest fuck they'd ever had, but they were both too drunk to care.

Lauri was gripping Sir's hips tight in his hands as he thrusted hard, both of them needing to find release. Their bandmates outside were long forgotten, as Sir was loudly moaning Lauri's name, not really caring who heard him.

"Lauri, I'm gonna--"

"Me too," Lauri growled, his voice deep with lust and longing.

Sir's hand sped up even more for a fraction of a second and then he was cumming all over his hand and stomach, his cry of satisfaction echoing against the walls.

A moment later Lauri couldn't take the tight heat of Sir's body any longer and let go, his world spinning as he too came.

He leaned down to kiss Sir, once again sloppily, both of them smiling into the kiss. Then he pulled out of Sir and helped him stand up, both of them cleaning themselves up with a towel (which Lauri then tossed into the laundry basket) and then redressing.

They examined each other one last time, trying to make it look as little like they had just had sex as possible, shared one more kiss, and then opened the door and began to walk back to where their bandmates were. They heard voices speaking in hushed tones as they approached, and then the room immediately went silent as they entered. Until Jonne, ever the obnoxious drunk, began to giggle loudly at the pair. Jay elbowed him sharply, but it only made the blonde leadsinger laugh even harder.

"Oh Lauri, yeah that's right!" Jonne mocked, tears of laughter beginning to stream down his face.

Sir was absolutely mortified and trying to hide his face in Lauri's shoulder. Lauri, however, was handling the embarassment better, the only evidence a slightly pink color to his cheeks - but that could've been from the sex.

"So, interesting night," Nakki couldn't resist joking, an amused smile on his face.

"Indeed," Antti agreed.

Sir continued to try to bury himself as far into Lauri as possible. They both knew that in the morning, they would have a lot of explaining to do!

~The End~