"Fire's Feeding You"
by Krissy

You observed Lauri from a few feet away, watching the way his full lips curved into a little smile at a comment someone had made to him. He was completely beautiful, the most gorgeous creature you'd ever seen. You watched as he signed cd after cd, waiting for a time to approach him, eyelids growing heavy with lust. Finally some of the fans had cleared out and he headed towards an alley to catch a smoke by himself - you knew it was your moment. You snuck up behind him, wrapped your arms around him, and kissed his neck, feeling him stiffen but shiver, and finally relax when he realized it was you. You weren't sure quite how he knew but somehow he just did. He said your name and turned around to kiss you, hungrily, unapologetically.

"I missed you," he said between kisses, pressing himself up against your leg, letting you know the whole truth of his statement.

He backed you up and you smiled into the kiss as you felt your back hit the cold brick wall to your left, letting him stand between your legs, feeling yourself start to ache for him.

"I need you now," you whispered in his ear, letting your tongue snake out and tease the sensitive flesh there.

"Right here?" he asked, his voice coming out in a husky whisper, his lips finding your pulse point on your neck and sucking there. It was sure to leave a mark, but that was your last concern at that moment.

"Mmm hm," you replied, pulling his lips back up to yours, fucking his mouth with your tongue.

"What if someone sees?" he wondered aloud, but it wasn't really any sort of protest as his fingers had begun to work on the buttons of your shirt, just wanting to feel your tits in his hands after what seemed like so long.

"Then we'll give them quite a show, won't we?" you grinned, hands slipping down to unbutton his pants. He sighed with relief as his hard on sprang free of the ungodly tight jeans he was wearing. One of his hands slid underneath your skirt and practically ripped off your panties, flinging them somewhere down the dark alley before two fingers were pressed inside you, making you gasp and writhe against his touch. "Laur," you moaned into his mouth, still kissing him passionately, tasting lust on his breath. "Oh god Lauri. No more teasing, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee."

He saw the pleading in your eyes and decided to show mercy, wrapping one of your legs up high around his waist as he positioned himself and thrust inside you. You immediately moaned out his name again, having forgotten how good it felt to have him inside you after the weeks he'd been on tour. He had to smother your moans with a kiss, afraid someone would hear. But it didn't take much for him to forget where he was, and he completely let go, hips thrusting hard, angled just so, at just the right angle that he knew would make you come for him. He knew you so well, and you found yourself being pushed closer and closer to the edge, almost driven to insanity by the man you loved more than anything in the world.

And then his hips thrust harder than ever, once, and once was all it took. You came, reeling, legs shaking, suckling his tongue as the world collapsed around you. Your muscles tightened around him and he came too, as you watched the look on his face, amazed at how sexy he looked to you even after all that time.

You both stood there panting, him resting one hand against the brick, eyes tired now, body completely spent.

"I think we should do that more often," you smiled, kissing him before taking a moment to readjust yourself, buttoning your shirt and trying to fix your hair to make it look like you *didn't* just have sex with Lauri in an alley.

"I know we should," he laughed, wiping at the smeared eyeliner under your eyes with his thumbs.

You laughed too, wrapping an arm around his waist, one of your hands in his back pocket as you walked towards the bus together. There would be no hiding what you had just done from his bandmates, and you knew you'd catch shit from them, but in your mind, you knew it was all completely worth it; anything to have your Lauri again.

~The End~