"Hey Pretty"
by Krissy Love
Inspired by this fanfic and the song "Hey Pretty" by Poe.

Sky blue eyes reflected back at him, glinting lustfully in the mirror.

"Hey pretty," Jonne purred at himself, rolling the "r", enjoying the sensuous sound of the words coming from his own throat. His fingers came to rest on the cold glass surface, tracing his pink lips, gliding down over the gentle curves of his jaw and neck. "Yes, I think we will have an interesting night."

Eyeing his counterpart one last time, he moved toward the bathroom, where he had turned on the shower quite sometime ago. He strutted in, being immediately enveloped by smothering heat and steam. Sweat began to form on his skin, making his eyeliner smear just right, turning his hair into a wet, sexy mess. He wiped the mirror off with his hand, admiring himself for a moment before it fogged over again.

"My, my. Don't we look absolutely ravishing tonight?"

He cleared the mirror once more, placing a kiss right on mirror-Jonne's lips, his pink lipgloss staining the crystal surface. But a second later, it had clouded over again, and he realized that he and his lover - as it were - would not be able to continue their mischievous deeds in the bathroom.

Frowning slightly, he strutted back into his bedroom, admiring how thin he was in the mirrored closet door. One hand lifted up his thin wife beater, the other slid underneath, his fingertips gliding over his own stomach, feeling the already taut muscles tighten and twitch under his touch. His eyes watched himself do this, also noticing that he and mirror-Jonne had both begun to become semi-aroused.

"Is that for me baby?" he asked his reflection, his eyes taking on a devilish look. "Why, you shouldn't have."

His left hand grabbed his growing erection through his tight leather pants, rubbing it, feeling it get even harder in his palm.

"That's right beautiful," he grunted at mirror-Jonne. "Keep on just like that."

He threw his head back for a moment, allowing himself to get lost in his own pleasure for a moment. Slowly opening his eyes, he scolded the face looking back at him in the mirror. "Now, now. This is my game. I can't let you take over yet, can I?"

In response, one hand tugged lightly at his nipple ring, and the other snaked its way into his leather pants. He let a little gasp slip from between his lips, both sensations pleasurable but so different and enjoyable.

"Alright then, if you insist," he grinned at himself, never taking his eyes off his reflection as he took off his shirt, then backed up a little bit and sat down on the bed. He took off his boots, looking down at his toenails that had been painted black a few hours earlier. Then he began to work at the clasp of his leather pants, quickly unfastening it and sliding them down his thin, pale legs. By now, his cock was standing at full attention, and he couldn't take his eyes off the sight.

"That is nice, now isn't it?" he asked himself, running his tongue over his bottom lip. He sucked an index finger into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, the sensation going to his cock and making it twitch a little. "Calm down honey," he laughed at himself. "There's plenty to go around." He pulled the wet finger out of his mouth with a slight sound, running it over his nipple, leaving a little trail of saliva. He then leaned his head down and blew on the wet place, raising goosebumps on his pale skin and causing him to shiver.

"Oh pretty, must you tease?" he purred at himself, lust now clouding his bright blue eyes. His voice became huskier as he looked at his reflection with heavy-lidded eyes. "I want you to fuck me."

He laid back on the satin sheets, looking into the mirror he had affixed to his ceiling for just such an occasion. He looked absolutely obscene, a snow white-skinned fallen angel lying on black sheets, laid out for his own pleasure and debauchery.

Wasting no time, his deft fingers curled around his cock and skillfully twisted and pulled at it, quickly drawing little moans and grunts from deep within his chest. Mirror-Jonne's eyes turned an absolutely sinful shade of deep blue as he reveled in the sensations his hand was making him feel, his hips thrusting up, writhing around on the sheets, his free hand gripping the bunched-up sheets as if his very life depended on it.

"Oh god, right there," he growled, his voice made deeper with an animalistic longing to fuck and be fucked by himself.

He watched as the pace of mirror-Jonne's hand sped up, moving over the head of his cock just right. His free hand slipped between his legs and penetrated him with two fingers, making him moan even louder at the added pleasure. He reached deeper, as deep as he could, hitting his own spot and making his muscles clench in an unexpected wave of absolutely mind-numbing bliss. It wouldn't take much more of that to make him come, and hard.

His fingers teased himself a bit more, his other hand continuing to jerk himself, before rubbing his fingers over the spot again, his stomach muscles tightening with the most delicious anticipation.

Once more.

Tugging frantically at his straining cock, his fingers quickly found the spot one more time, his back suddenly jerking up off the bed as his body spasmed hard, his orgasm coming violently over him. Time seemed to stop as the wonderful release washed over him, and he finally collapsed back to the bed with a sigh, chest heaving.

"Well pretty, that may have been a record," he smirked, watching himself. He looked on as mirror-Jonne carefully licked the cum off each of his fingers, not wanting to waste any. Yes, it had certainly been an interesting first round. Who knew what else might happen that night with him left to his own evil devices?

~The End~
Please note that there is a second part of this story in the works ^_^