Lauri is amazing at the guitar.

No really, he is. He's amazing at it because he has a gift for making a guitar squeal in a way that is almost comparable to the sounds that come from a woman when you are making love to her, and while he does this, his fingers move so quickly and so precisely that most people wouldn't have a shot in hell at ever being able to play like him. And while he's playing, the faces that he makes - that pure passion... He's a rockstar. I knew it from the beginning.

I'll never forget the first time I saw him. He was auditioning for Jay and Antti and whoever our other guitar player was at the time (I don't remember), and me. He was actually pretty nervous talking to us at first, but as soon as he started playing I watched him get lost and I realized I wanted to watch it every gig. And not to mention how talented he was. He got the job immediately; in fact, I was afraid he would turn us down.

I've watched him evolve over the years into a more confident guitarist, watched him shed his self-consciousness onstage and just play. He never holds back anymore, and it's a beautiful thing for me to watch, really. He makes love to the guitar, tosses his curls back and forth, sweat glistening on his skin and his face contorted in passion. It's enough to get my attention, most certainly. When he plays guitar it's hard for me to do anything but watch him and be mesmerized.

I come up behind him and grind myself into his ass and whisper naughty things in his ear, then move to the other side of the stage, knowing well what effect I've had on him. That little trick is my favorite. I also like to grab him by his curls, pull his hair a bit, cos I know he likes that; I always do it to him when we kiss and he always gets so turned on.

Sometimes I kiss him onstage, though most of the time I just tease him with my body - not my lips. He likes to tickle the roof of my mouth with his tongue when he kisses me cos he knows it makes me shiver and he likes that. I have to admit, I kindof like it, too. He always kisses me so thoroughly and delights me with new and pleasurable things and you'd be surprised how many different ways to kiss there are. Everything from slow and sweet to hungry and passionate to rough, Lauri's and my makeout sessions are never predictable; we just kindof start at eachother and go from there.

He always makes it good for me. Everything. The kissing, the foreplay, the sex... He's amazing at that, too. He makes love precisely the same way that he plays a guitar; deliberately, thoroughly, and passionately.

One time, I made him play guitar during foreplay. He wasn't so amazing then - not at the guitar at least. He kept missing notes. I seem to have that effect on him most of the time, though. I'll never forget the time I kissed him onstage and he had to look at his fingers to make sure he didn't miss a note; that's when I learned how easy it is for me to distract him, really. Well, I knew before, but I never knew it was that... effective.

Hes a smart boy, too; more than once Ive come home to find him all hot and sweaty and playing guitar, cos he knows exactly what will happen when I walk in and find him that way.

So we both win, in the end.