NGT Feeding Fire's Exclusive Interview In The Studio With Negative!
6 October 2009

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It can also be found here (Veoh) and here (Megavideo) for those who can't use YouTube ;D

The video is a little quiet, so the text version can be found to download here and you can follow along as you watch, or you can read it below :)

Also at the bottom of the page are a few little things they told us off camera that are okay to share, the pictures from the interview, and some autographs :)

Text version of interview:
KrissyLove: LA has a reputation for being a you know, like a really hard rocking city. Has it lived up to your image of it in your head and have you been anywhere cool while you've been here?

Jonne: Yeah, I mean, it's kindof, uh… I didn't have any expectations of this place. I was here on the springtime. I was doing some writing, some (?), all this stuff, so it was like… It was kind of surprising, that, you know, it's real, you know what I mean. It's been like some kind of wonderland for me, since Guns 'N Roses and all those bands, so… It's been good.

KrissyLove: Well, have you met up with any of the other Finnish bands? I know HIM and 69 Eyes are here, for at least… I think HIM's recording here…

Jonne: Yeah, they are, but I think they're staying in a whole different side of… It's a big town.

Russty: They're in the Hollywood Hills.

KrissyLove: How does it feel to be away from home for so long? You've been here… what, like a month now?

Jonne: I don't know…

Larry: It's different than on tours because you are staying in one place you know, and always the same thing, you know. Wake up same place, then come here. So it's different, it's morehectic when you are touring. This has been more relaxing I think. Like, not so homesick. On tours I often get this feeling that you know, I want to sleep in my own bed or something but it goes away pretty quickly. I don't know, it's more like home.

Jonne: Yeah, it is.

Larry: Staying in one place…

Jonne: I think it's so hectic when you're recording, the whole process, it's so mental…

Larry: Things are just floating.

Jonne: You don't have time to think. If you give just a little piece of thought for your homesickness, then…

Nakki: Then it starts to *gestures upward*

Jonne: It's gonna be like *sound effect and growing gesture* It will be mountain, at some point. It's why I try to forget all those people and all those loved ones.

Larry: You just push them away.

KrissyLove: What do you think of American television, like all the reality TV crap that we have? Have you seen some crazy stuff on TV?

Jonne: Yeah. I mean, you guys… You really know how to make great food and great entertainment. Yeah, TV entertainment.

Nakki: Those commercials up here…

Jonne: They just come! *snaps*

Nakki: They just come. In Finland we have this kind of…

Jonne: Intro.

Nakki: 'Continues'. There's this text that you know, okay, now the commercials. But they just come. And they come… 15 minutes there's commercials.

Russty: Gives you time to get a beer.

KrissyLove: Do you try to collect any special souveneirs, or… I mean, obviously all the lights that you guys have and everything, but is there anything that you always get when you go to a country?

Jonne: We have this neon signs. I was so excited. I mean, these will remind me of my first time over here, or at least my second time in LA. Anyway… these kind of things. I always wanna come to new places, I got this first image of a place, first vibe of the town or whatever so I try to bring something for myself, and for us. You know, these will be in our rehearsal space.

KrissyLove: You probably would get a lot more homesick if you didn't make it your space.

All three agreeing and nodding: Yeah.

Jonne: It's really important.

KrissyLove: Well, do you remember the first time you all met each other? Like, what's the story? I know there has to be some story…

Jonne: First time… what?

KrissyLove: The first time you met each other.

Jonne: Ah, okay.

Nakki: Yeah, I remember I met you guys at the bar. Amadeus.

Jonne: Amadeus. It's a Finnish minisize Sunset Strip.

KrissyLove: It's infamous. I think we all know about Amadeus.

Russty: We've heard about it, yes, everybody has.

Nakki: It's where we met.

KrissyLove: So when did you two meet? *points to Jonne and Larry*

Jonne: We were doing something… couple of shows together with his former band…

Larry: What was the first time?

Jonne: I was in Negative and you were playing with your former band.

Larry: Yeah, Shannon.

Jonne: And, uh, I remember you came to see our show.

Larry: Yeah, and when I left you came to the street and we were talking something about…

Jonne: That it would be nice to make some kind of… We have this Rock…

Larry: We had Rocket Love Tour.

Jonne: Rocket Love Tour. It sounds a bit (inaudible, but has a naughty grin on his face)

Larry: Rock of Love.

Jonne: We made only like 5 or 4 shows together. And I think after last show of the tour I asked him to join the band.

Larry: Yeah, we were taking Antti back to army. I was driving, and then just Jonne or something started to talk that we need new guitar player.

KrissyLove: Were you like 'I play guitar!'

Larry: It's like… first it was just a crazy thought that hey, I play guitar, it could be a good idea. At the end of the trip it was like this idea, okay…

Jonne: Let's do it.

Larry: Let's do it.

Jonne: Since then it's been like a brotherhood, almost. I can say. You can say..

*all nod and agree*

KrissyLove: How many songs would you say you've written that are never going to see the light of day?

Jonne: Many.

KrissyLove: Many? Like hundreds? Thousands?

Jonne: Not thousands. I don't know… Not hundreds. Maybe hundred. Probably, at the moment. There's, you know, so many ideas. It's all about… you don't have enough time during human life.

Larry: Maybe like 20 songs almost ready… And then just little ideas…

Jonne: You mean for the album or in general?

KrissyLove: Oh, I was just talking about in general, but what about the album?

Larry: 20.

KrissyLove: And you'll probably cut it down to how many? 12? 13?

Jonne: 12.

(producer Jimmy Westerlund comes in, almost 2 hours late)

Jimmy: Hi guys.

Jonne: Hei! You made it!

Larry: We actually need you.

Jimmy: My bedroom was (inaudible)

Jonne: Could you play something for us? In some point…

KrissyLove: Yeah, I don't know if you want us to get that on camera….

Jonne: Let's do this first.

Russty: Finish this and then we'll… then we won't record.

Jimmy: You want some coffee or something? Anybody?

KrissyLove: I think we already…

Jonne: Some sandwiches in some point. We come later on.

Jimmy: We have (?) sandwich today.

Jonne: Thanks.

KrissyLove: So how much writing would like, you two *points to Nakki and Larry* say you contribute to a Negative song? Like, I know Jonne, you usually do the lyrics and stuff, so, what is your part in the writing?

Larry: It depends about the song. Let me think. Now we have… how many songs?

Jonne: You usually come up with some melodies, you have some kind of body for the song.

Larry: And we worked a little bit differently, this time, Snack was also with us, playing keyboards, so… There is some songs that are like, we made together, and some songs that uh…

Nakki: Somebody has some riff, or… melody, and then we start…

Larry: Or a whole idea sometimes.

KrissyLove: Does anybody but Jonne do lyrics?

Nakki and Larry: No.

Jonne: But actually, these guys, they had some nice ideas at this point, and for this album. They had some kind of like… Days I'm Living For, he had *points to Larry* And I build it up, I started to build the whole song around that. He gave the whole subject for the song. And you had that *pretends to play keyboard* Waiting For Your Love. You know, that kind of… little things that you hear, "oh, that's cool!" It really inspired me.

KrissyLove: So I have to ask - what happened to your nipple ring? Where is it?

Jonne: I was… Maybe I will have it back. I had vacation… I was on vacation in Greece and I dropped it, I didn't have that lock…

KrissyLove: I've done that before…

Jonne: It was that little half circle. So, I went to… I had… I was swimming in the ocean. I got back to the hotel and I noticed it, oh fuck.

KrissyLove: *points to nose* My little lock is missing and it gets caught in there, it hurts so bad…

Jonne: It's really, you know… I want to have it back but after I dropped it and I lost it, you know…

Russty: They'd have to redo it.

Jonne: It started to smell really bad.

Russty: It probably got infected.

Jonne: Maybe there was some, you know, ocean…. Salty ocean water.

KrissyLove: Well, maybe do the other side.

Jonne: I kindof like it there. I feel more sexy when I had it on! Now I'm like… only shadow of the man I used to be.

KrissyLove: So do any of you have any plans to get any more tattoos? I know we talked a little bit earlier about… you getting your tattoo touched up and stuff. Or piercings, either. Any tattoos or piercings in the future?

Larry: I have one idea for a tattoo and actually… have the time booked for that.

KrissyLove: What are you gonna get?

Larry: Uh, somewhere, I think, somewhere here *motions to lower left arm*. I have an idea but I dunno…

KrissyLove: You gotta keep it quiet.

Russty: Work on it.

Jonne: And I'm gonna have our angel logo somewhere, I dunno.

KrissyLove: I'm gonna get that on my wrist. I don't have any tattoos so you are going to be my first tattoo.

Jonne: Nice. That makes you a virgin *grins* By Negative.

KrissyLove: When you were younger, did you think that you were gonna be so big that like, people would follow you around and like, girls will take off their tops for you, and all that.

Jonne: Of course! That was the main…

KrissyLove: That's what you wanted.

Jonne: That was the main idea for the band.

Larry: Just like a dream.

Jonne: Seriously, if I think that little boy, back in those days… It feels so long ago. It feels like it's been forever. Probably. I try to value that little child inside of me, because that makes you dream. It's really important if you do something creative. When you do something creative.

Russty: Well you guys have really grown up doing this, I mean, you haven't known anything else. Has that changed your style a bit? Cuz I notice now, especially Jonne, your personal style is different than it used to be. Where, I read an interview where you called yourself a drag queen or said you used to be very drag queenish… Is that just your personal style has changed or is that label-influenced?

Jonne: No, it's… It has nothing to do with label.

Russty: Just your growing up.

Jonne: My whole personality was builded up on this band, in a way. You know what I mean. I started, I was around 14, when I came up with this band idea. And I always wanted to be a rock star and all that shit. So it was like… you can see the whole process from teenager to adult. Now I feel like I'm 26 but I'm still that same teenager. Back in days. But I don't wanna wear those glitter *gestures flamboyantly*, you know what I mean. Of course, there might be days when I do that cuz I do whatever I feel like. It's just… I go with the flow, I don't plan that kind of thing. That, now is that season, now is that season, it's like… On a tour I might put darker makeup because it represents how I feel. What my mood is, you know. Like, I wanna express… those clothes. What is my mood and how I feel at that point.

Russty: It's good that you guys are just able to do that, to just be yourselves, cuz a lot of bands go where they are very set, where they are gonna do this to influence people a certain way and you guys much more seem to go by.. each of you have your own really individual… And that's the great thing about Negative, each individual brings something really cool to the band. I think it's cool that you stick to yourself and do what you want.

Jonne: It's kindof… like Freddy Mercury said, I agree, what he said, I don't wanna be 50 or 60 and I look ridiculous with all those long nails and *flamboyant gesture* feathers on my suits.

KrissyLove: You just want to be Jonne.

Jonne: Yeah, I just wanna go.

Larry: It's like strange that you said, you know, you feel this inner child still, and it's like, when you spend time you know, between this albums, touring, making album, you don't really count your birthdays. You know, I'm 26, or something… You are just starting to think, oh, I'm a little bit older, and then you see like your former classmates like having children and getting married…

Jonne: There's a lot of pressure in the end, you know, when you decided to go this way with a band. I'm that kind of person, that at this point I feel like I can't handle… You know, I just live for the band. I've been living for the band since this band was formed. My school (?), it wasn't that well because of the band. I didn't go to the classes, I was just staying in the basement of school, and the shoe I have in the door so I would be able to *gestures* sneak out, you know.

Russty: But it's hard to have a family and do this. I have two children and I… When you guys were doing this, I got married, because that's what my family told me to do. And now when I have to do shows… Like a few minutes ago my youngest daughter c alled "where are you?" I was there this morning and now I'm gone, and so she freaked out, are you coming home today, are you coming home in a week, or two months? So it's nice that you guys have been able to focus and do what you want, and then… there's always time later to do that. People who love you are going to understand.

KrissyLove: Do you want to do that? Like, have a family when you're older?

Jonne: I wanna be like Mick Jagger. (Inaudible) But in a not ridiculous way.

Russty: Not in his kindof goofy way that he is.

Jonne: I don't want to be ridiculous.

KrissyLove: And no heroin.

Jonne: I think the whole theme of the band Negative, we were born as a fools.

KrissyLove: Well, speaking of being born as fools, we saw a different side of you on the DVD, the kindof like prank-pulling and stuff, so what's the worst prank that's ever been done to you by a bandmate and what's the worst that you've ever done to somebody?

Jonne: *facepalms* I don't wanna talk about it.

KrissyLove: I know you boys are bad.

Jonne: Back in days I used to do a lot of stupid things. I don't wanna talk about it, I mean, it's something I regret… Something I regret, it's something that I was you know teasing somebody or whatever. Doing something. For me it was fun but probably not for them. I think it was a pressure, those older guys.

KrissyLove: Yeah, you gotta…

Russty: Gotta look cool.

Jonne: I wanted to be part of the gang, so I... pissed on a person's shoe. He had new shoes, and… I felt so bad… Because, you know, he was kindof friend of mine. He was friend of mine. And… you know, those older guys, they used to do that for me, to me, you know, so I tried to turn it upside down by doing it to somebody else. It didn't work. In a way I wanted to…

Russty: Was it hard for you, being the middle brother, and having… was that the influence in a way for wanting to be one of the cool kids with the rest of the guys?

Jonne: Yeah, I guess my big brother Tommi, he was always like a father figure to me, you know, in a way. I started to smoke when I was around 10. Or 8, even. And I always was so afraid to get caught by Tommi. I wasn't afraid of my father or mother. Yeah, it was different. Anyway, it was like, I didn't have that kind of certain limits that usually children have. So that's why I was like born to be wild. Almost since kindergarten. Now days I'm so mellow because I've been there and done that.

KrissyLove: I read somewhere that you *pointing to Larry* used to do gymnastics. Are you still stretchy, and can you do some moves for us?

Larry: I'm not so stretchy anymore.

Jonne: You are, baby. See, I know.

Larry: I did this one thing, I was taking this course, this yoga thing just a couple of months ago. That was good for stretching and all but it was different, I could do *gestures* kind of moves back then.

Nakki: Yeah, I've seen you walking with your hands.

Larry: Yeah.

Nakki: Stuff like that.

Jonne: You are always hanging on backstage. If there's some kind of… *gestures*

Russty: Hanging on the rafters.

Nakki: Yeah.

Jonne: Upside down.

Larry: It's too dangerous in here, I'm gonna be… *points to all the stuff*

Russty: Yes, and we'd all be in deep trouble.

Jonne: You're so bendy. Yeah, it was funny cuz most of the promo we do with Larry, I do with Larry, so we are spending a lot of time outside of the tours. So… do you remember that night in Sweden when we were doing promo for Scandinavia and uh, I felt a bit lonely… We put those beds together you know, we were cuddling. In a spoon.

KrissyLove: Well you've got those curls, do you love them or do you hate them? Do they bug you or do they get you women?

Larry: Eh, I dunno, they just…

KrissyLove: Hang there?

Larry: They have been there like forever, so they are part of me. I guess I like them.

KrissyLove: You guys all have some clothes that look like they have been custom made. Do you have somebody who makes clothes for you or you just find them places?

Jonne: I find them just, wherever you go.

KrissyLove: You're good at shopping.

Jonne: It's my favorite sin. But I have this one dresser and she is from Tampere as well, she is called Nancy. She is doing some really asskicking things.

Nakki: She has done things to us, make clothes…

Russty: I love the coat, the kindof white, cream colored coat…

KrissyLove: With the gold tassles and stuff.

Jonne: Ah, yeah, the one I was wearing on In My Heaven.

KrissyLove: Well I was talking… is that the same one you were wearing like last tour a little bit?

Jonne: Yeah.

KrissyLove: That's a really cool jacket.

Jonne: Yeah, I love that. It's really that… regal.

Russty: It reminds me of Sgt. Pepper's from the Beatles.

Jonne: Then I've made it!

KrissyLove: Have you bought any cool clothes in LA?

Jonne: Yeah, I found these jeans, these shoes… Start to look more barefoot American…

Nakki: I got this one here *grabs a black hat*

Russty: Is the bracelet that you're wearing… (Jonne is wearing an antique looking gold bracelet with beautiful bright red stones, it can be seen in some of the pictures)

Jonne: This one?

Russty: Yes.

Jonne: I got this one here as well. On the street, there was this… It matches that light over there. (they have a lamp in the studio that looks much like it)

KrissyLove: That same kind of style.

Jonne: I don't have anything, you know, any plans. You know I just.. if I feel so, I get something for myself. I don't have any space, I have so many clothes. I'm giving them away, my old clothes, to Salvation Army.

KrissyLove: We'll take some. Sell them on eBay! I'll be rich!

Jonne: In a few years if you go to Africa, villagers, with the glitter shirts…

KrissyLove: We'll blame you.

Russty: Little schoolchildren…

Jonne: That's what I was thinking when I packaged all my old stage clothes.

KrissyLove: Hopefully nothing important is gone.

Jonne: I was shipping them and I was thinking at the same time while I was doing that what they think over there, where all these…

Larry: Some kid gets your glitter shirt…

Nakki: Your leather pants with the flames. Wear them hunting…

Russty: Larry you had glittery stuff too so don't… you had glittery stuff!

Larry: Yeah.

KrissyLove: You're like "I got rid of that a long time ago!"

Larry: Actually I have to get some new stuff from here or somewhere cuz I just lost… We took those photos one day for the album and everything and I had all my clothes in this bag and I lost it somewhere.

KrissyLove: Oh that's not good! Somebody *will* be rich on eBay selling all your clothes.

Russty: Hopefully maybe somebody will figure out who it belongs to and get it back to you.

Larry: There was kindof like vests and all that…

Jonne: But there are times you don't get anything. I mean, I am speaking generally. You just feel like you're a little bit lazy. But now I'm really inspired by this whole thing.

KrissyLove: Well, I think that's the end of our questions. Do you guys mind if we take some pictures of you and stuff?

Russty: Thank you!


Other cute/interesting quotes/snippets that weren't on camera (but are okay to share):

Me: Is that a chalkboard, like, to write on? [hanging from the pirate skull]
Jonne: Yes.
Me: You can write each other messages! "Fuck you!"
Nakki: Fuck you, Larry!
*all laugh*

They went to Universal Studios and apparently they all (except Jay) loved the Simpsons ride, even though Jonne said he usually gets motion sickness on these sort of things. Apparently Jay freaked out.
Jonne: Our drummer Slammer is sitting in the front, and he is, you know, he is big guy, and he is "ahhhhh!" *makes flailing gestures*

One of the songs (I don't remember which) has an intro of Jonne breathing really hard and the producer asked us if it was "too gay for this band", LOL! I told them it sounds like the moment when you are waiting in the crowd at a gig for the band to come on stage, the anticipation…

Jonne got the Jesus tattoo on his shoulder touched up by Kat Von D, and she also did a completely new tattoo for Antti (I don't know what or where because he wasn't there).

They don't much like having a band picture on the front of their cd.

They have already shot the photos for the album.

Their new label (Warner) is giving them almost total creative freedom, and they are very happy.

They think they have a haunted lamp. Since they got it knobs and buttons have started moving/pushing themselves.

Jonne said he is extremely superstitious and hung the scarf I brought him and the cross my friend brought him on the wall for "good luck".

I had an old poster from when Nakki wasn't in the band, and I noticed he hadn't signed it, so I said "do you want to sign it even though you aren't in it?" and he goes "I will fix this" and drew himself in and signed it. Jonne accidentally ripped the middle of the same poster, and he felt so bad. He drew an angry little face glaring at the hole ^_^ (pics below)

They have little hoodies that the record label got them with the angel logo and their names on the chest.

The neon signs have really been inspiring the album. Jonne said the theme will be like after a nuclear explosion, just the kind of lifeless wasteland with trash and fires burning and stray animals running everywhere. (which, from being in LA I can tell you is very inspired by the desert)

They went to the Rainbow for lunch one day.

There will be a children's choir on one song on the album. And maybe some special guests too. Jonne said all their heroes are from LA so you never know.

Fuckin' Worthless was played at that one show apparently because Jonne promised someone in an interview they would hear something new. Then he was backstage going "oh shit, we have nothing finished!" It is a good song but by far not the best on the album - it's gonna be amazing.

They want to tour everywhere now, and are planning to come to the US, even, it sounds like at the end of next year. Jonne said they will probably start out opening for another band.

Jonne said we have no idea how close War Of Love came to being in Finnish. He said some of the songs were actually written in Finnish and at the last second he just decided he would do it in English. "I wouldn't be here talking to you," if that had happened, he said.

Song Titles:
Days I'm Living For
Waiting For Your Love
Love That I Lost
Blood On Blood
End Of The Line

Pictures from the interview:

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Hi-res versions available for download here, you will need the program WinRar to unzip them (it's free).


Pictures of the studio (and a crappy sketch I did to show what it looked like):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks so much to Tommi Liimatainen, Taija Holm, Jimmy Westerlund, and especially Jonne, Larry, and Nakki for making this such an amazing interview! ♥♥♥