NGT Feeding Fire's Exclusive Interview with Larry in Los Angeles!
24 March 2010

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It can also be found here (interview) and here (Larry's Jim Morrison walk) on Facebook for those who can't use YouTube ;D

Text version of interview:

Russ: You're good. Good to go.

Krissy: Alright, we've got Larry from Negative, and... let's see... So, how's LA been treating you this time? Have you guys just done the video shoot or have you been able to hang out and see some more sights?

Larry: Yeah. We've been here since Saturday. So... There was one day, shooting all day and at night. And rest of the time just hanging out. This is like half holiday, half work.

Krissy: So you've been able to relax, and...

Larry: Yeah, really relaxed and nice. Sunny. Feeling good. Mellow.

Krissy: Have you experienced an earthquake while you were here?

Larry: I don't know. When we were shooting there was some... We were feeling some vibrations, but...

Russ: Yeah, there was a very small one.

Larry: I wasn't sure if it was in my head or... real.

Krissy: Was it harder to shoot in America? Did you have to get like video permits and stuff? Was it...

Larry: I don't know.

Krissy: You don't... That's not your job.

Russ: He just shows up and plays.

(all laugh)

Krissy: Did you guys pick End of the Line for the single, or did the label pick it?

Larry: Hm... It was our decision. We had two options, three or two, and we just... (?) It's not a ballad... It's tight, I think.

Krissy: Why was the album release date pushed back? Because it seemed like... we had read that you guys were going to release it like this week, in March, and then all the sudden... we heard that it was June. Like Jonne, I think, had said, at some party or something...

Larry: It's always the same thing, they are always moving the dates, but uh...

Krissy: So that wasn't you guys at all?

Larry: It's because... it's always because of marketing. We have to do some promotion in Europe, in Japan. Maybe I go with Jonne just touring around Europe and Japan, and other places, just for interviews this spring, and then we are releasing the album. We have to promote it. That's a positive thing, but uh... you just have to wait a little bit more.

Krissy: So is this album going to be released everywhere? Like, America and everything? Or... do you know?

Larry: I don't actually know. But I know that it's coming out in Europe in 11 countries. Japan, Scandinavia... same day. First of June, I think.

Krissy: I think... what is it? The 2nd?

Russ: I think that's what it said on the website.

Larry: Oh, the second.

Krissy: Well, last time you guys had told us that... or, Jonne was really excited about some kind of apocalyptic theme or something? But it seems to have changed now. Neon doesn't really seem... What's gonna be the theme for the album? Like, the backdrops for the onstage stuff...

Larry: It's gonna be surprising I think.

Krissy: (laughing) You're not gonna say.

Russ: Gotta have some secrets.

Krissy: Will we see it tomorrow? Or.. Friday.

Larry: I don't know, do we have the whole set tomorrow, but... definitely something.

Krissy: Well, it'll be cool to see it.

Larry: We have to see the size of the stage and stuff. I haven't seen the stuff, Jonne has been working with this guy, our guy...

Krissy: Is it the same guy who did the Anorectic-album stuff? Jussi Santeniemi, or whatever his name is? You don't know?

Larry: No, I mean our guy who does the lights and stuff... from the crew.

Russ: Your sound tech...

Krissy: For the set, okay...

Larry: They have been planning this whole thing. I haven't seen whole set yet, so... it's a surprise to me too. Tomorrow...

Krissy: Hopefully it looks good, right?

Larry: There's gonna be lots of different elements.

Krissy: Do any of your guitars or instruments have names, that you... I know Christus had the Pink Lady, but...

Larry: Not really... No. Not really.

Russ: Do you want me to ask the other question about the instruments?

Krissy: Oh... yeah. If you want to.

Russ: Do you... Kurt Cobain, it was rumored that he used to string his guitars with piano strings to get a different kind of sound out of them. Do you use any particular kind of strings, or do you just use whatever? Do you have a favorite kind.

Larry: I just use... I have the same strings. They are ____ or something. Just normal.

Russ: Just normal?

Larry: Nothing really special.

Russ: Cool.

Krissy: What do you miss most on tour?

Larry: Home.

Krissy: But like... your bed?

Larry: Own bed... Own bed is one thing that you notice that you have it when you don't.

Krissy: But it's worth it, right?

Larry: Yeah. It's worth it. It's just a matter of attitude. You have to see the positive side. Sometimes it's time to travel and go around, and sometimes it's time to stay home and take it easy.

Krissy: Well everyone's heard about the time that Christus fell off the stage and broke his back. Have any of the other guys or you had any kind of accidents on stage where you got injured?

Larry: Nothing so serious.

Krissy: Just scrapes and stuff?

Larry: Yeah. Some little wounds. Something like that. There's this kind of stuff, from yesterday. Banging guitar.

Krissy: Well, I wanted to ask you this while I'm thinking about it! Can we see your new tattoo? Cuz I... you told us about it last time, that you were going to get it, and I had seen it... Do you wanna get a good zoom in of it?

Russ: Well I'll take a still picture of it later with the still camera.

Krissy: We'll take a look at his new tattoo. Wow! It looks nice! Who did that?

Larry: It's the same guy.

Krissy: That did your other stuff?

Larry: The others... Yeah. I like the idea that the same guy is doing that whole stuff. Just like one piece of work.

Russ: And his style all stays the same. Cos some people have different... you know, like Kat Von D has a very specific look to her stuff. It's beautiful I'd love to have her do a whole thing, but... you can kindof tell I have different ones done by different people and it's kindof piecemeal... it's not as nice.

Krissy: Well, we kinda... Oh, sorry! Go ahead!

Larry: Oh, no..

Krissy: I was gonna say, we kinda talked about this earlier, but... are there any songs that you guys can't play onstage now that Christus isn't in the band? Or have you rearranged all of them.

Larry: Yeah, there are some songs that works better with two guitars. Songs like... Last Hero, we were talking about...

Krissy: I think In My Heaven is one, definitely.

Larry: Yeah, yeah. But it's good that we have Snack. He has two hands, always... (motions)

Krissy: And feet, too. (laughing)

Larry: But yeah. Some songs... yeah.

Krissy: Well, recently Christus has had some really good things to say about Negative, and we've seen that he's now under Tommi's management. We wanted to know if you guys have kindof resolved some more things...recently, that weren't resolved maybe when Negative... split up.

Larry: Yeah, I think Christus has a better situation now. Than before... We have... actually I haven't met him. He moved to Helsinki. But he was visiting with Jonne and with Antti. Everything's cool.

Krissy: Oh, that's good. Because I noticed at first they were kinda.. (making back and forth motion)

Larry: There's no hard feelings. He's moved on.

Russ: Yes, he said some very nice things recently that we had read. It was nice. It seems like he's in a good place, which is nice to see.

Larry: Yeah, I hope best for him. Good guy.

Krissy: Yeah. I miss him. I miss seeing him. Well... a little more lighter question. Everyone else in the band has pretty obvious nicknames. Why did you pick Larry Love?

Larry: I didn't pick it.

Krissy: You didn't pick it, someone else picked it for you.

Larry: Yeah. At first it was a joke. But everyone just...called me Larry, always, cos my name is Lauri. Everybody was talking about... one day, if you are a rockstar, everybody's going to say you are Larry. People just started to call me Larry. And then there was this Larry Love thing, you know, and suddenly... it was there on the cover of the first album.

Krissy: So do you like "Larry" then? Would you rather be called "Larry"?

Larry: It's a good name! Love is important. Most important thing...

Krissy: Well, you used to sing in your former band Shannon. Would you ever consider singing a Negative song?

Larry: Mm... No. I sing lots of backing vocals now. Lots more.

Krissy: On the album or live?

Larry: Now live, when we are doing the new songs. There's lots of backing vocals. So it's nice. Challenging. I have been singing a lot lately. It's nice to notice that your voice is growing itself. Those muscles, you have to work them. It's nice. Different.

Krissy: So what's your favorite song off the album? The new album.

Larry: Hm. There's so many. Uh, I don't know. Celestial Summer is a song, and it's really good. There's actually one really old song I wrote when I was like 16, 17. And then we did some stuff. Jonne wrote some stuff for it. And it's called Kiss of Hope. I dunno. It's hard to pick you know.

Krissy: But it sounds like that one's closer to your heart because you wrote it so long ago.

Larry: Yeah. It's interesting. It... So many years, like ten years ago. It's different.

Krissy: You wrote just the guitar, or the lyrics, or...?

Larry: Uh, the melody. The basic melody. The lyrics are different now. The melody is the same.

Krissy: Well, if you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, what band would it be? I know that's a hard one.

Larry: I don't know. Maybe Pink Floyd.

Krissy: Well, we showed you our tattoos. What do you think of fan tattoos? Is it interesting?

Russ: Creepy.

Larry: I think it's very cool. People out there are appreciating so much something that we do that they are taking tattoos and stuff. It's really... great!

Krissy: Never thought you'd be that famous? Someone in America... (pointing to wrist tattoo)

Larry: I always knew it (laughs) That was the, you know, only option for me. Really. When I was a teenager I decided that it was like... I'm gonna play in the band or I'm gonna just hang myself.

(all laughing)

Krissy: I've heard you say that before! It's like 'I hope he's not serious!' Your parents are probably glad...

Russ: It worked out.

Larry: They were worried back then, but... they are happy now.

Krissy: You were depressed as a teenager?

Larry: Yeah, a little bit.

Krissy: I was too. I think it's typical teenager.

Larry: Yeah.

Krissy: Well, do you have any plans to go anywhere? We talked about you wanting to come to America at least. Do you have any plans to go anywhere new for this new album? Any other countries that you've never visited before? Maybe going back to Mexico?

Larry: Yeah, maybe Mexico, and uh, there's.. countries in Asia. There's.. Taiwan. Is it the same?

Krissy: I don't know...

Larry: In Finnish it's Taiwan.

Krissy: Oh!! Oh, yeah. Taiwan.

Larry: And Korea.

Krissy: Korea.

Larry: South Korea. So... We haven't been there.

Krissy: Any European countries? Maybe the UK?

Larry: I don't know. It's open. Everything's open now. They are now booking it.

Krissy: And you'll go wherever they'll take you, right?

Larry: Let's see how the first single goes and how the album goes and everything.

Krissy: Well, did you have any special message that maybe you wanted to give to maybe the American fans?

Russ: Any last words?

Krissy: Any last words for everyone?

Larry: Uh...

Krissy: We've come to the end. The End of the Line, as it were?

Larry: (laughing) End of the Line. Uh... be patient, you know. We are definitely gonna come around here as soon as possible and thanks for all the support. Take care, believe in your dreams. Be happy. Create.

Krissy: Are you gonna open for another band when you come or are you gonna come by yourself?

Larry: I dunno, it's open.

Krissy: I think I... it wouldn't be enough! It would be like "45 minutes?!"

Larry: Let's see!

Krissy: Okay!



The clothes Larry lost around the time of the last interview were never recovered.

He also talked to us a bit about his tattoos. The tattoo on his fingers is an idea he'd had for a while, because it is hard for him to wear rings on the stage. His new tattoo is his horoscope, Pisces, and the red part is the sign for "lion".

Larry told us he hasn't listened to Guns 'N Roses in "years" and is more of a Pink Floyd fan now.


Pictures from the interview:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket (we had some problems with our camera, sorry that some of them are blurry...)


Larry brought us some posters from Finland of the new End of the Line single, and one will be given away in a contest. Keep checking back to the homepage for details - coming soon!!


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Thanks so much to Larry for taking the time out to do this with us! It was the middle of the night, and they had to leave for the airport long before the sun came up. He is an amazing guy to have sacrificed sleeping to do this interview! Thanks also goes out to Negative's promoter, Taija Holm, who was an absolute rockstar for us! And thank you to all the fans who helped with questions, editing, and gave me all the support I needed. You know who you are! I couldn't have pulled this off without you guys behind me! -Krissy ♥♥♥