"Love At Midnight"
by Coco

With the most gorgeous smile you leave the bathroom. A white towel over your wet hair and a yellow towel is wrapped around your small waist. With slow steps you walk over to your suitcase and drop the yellow towel on the floor. You’re pale and skinny, it’s silly but that’s where your body finds beauty.

You tug on a pair of heart-stamped black boxers and throw a tight, white t-shirt over your head, pulling it down until it reaches further than your navel. A big black sweater you pull over your head as well, I assume you’re cold.

My eyes glide down your legs and rest on your feet. You’ve painted your toenails in two different colours. Five of them are black and five are covered in a pink coat. I look higher and lay my eyes to rest on your bottom. It’s nothing special but it’s charming in it’s own way, in the way I love you.

You run a hand through your wet blonde with black strands and look aside, at me. “What do you think? Shall we just get into bed, snuggle for a while until we fall asleep?” It’s your masculine voice that has surprised many people. So girlish as your looks are, so manly is your voice when you talk or sing.

You dry your hair a bit, roughly rubbing it with a towel. Then you spread the white fabric over the chair and turn around. You rush to the bed and jump down there, next to me. “Are you gonna change or will you sleep with your clothes on?” you whisper into my ear while already unbuttoning my fly. You pull the zipper down and use both hands to tug my jeans down, all the way to my ankles. I lift my feet and you take off my jeans. You run your fingers up my leg, causing me to shiver.

I take off my shirt and look at your sweater. “You might wanna take that one off.”

You mumble something while taking off the sweater. “What was that?” I ask. “I said you were right.”

“I’m always right.”

“No, you aren’t…Lauri” you say my name like it’s a spell. “You aren’t always right.”

“Whatever you say, love” I smile and take off my shirt.

You get underneath the sheets and wait for me to do the same. I wait before I dive underneath. I just look at the beauty next to me. “You know…” I start.

“Hm?” you look up to me with your big blue eyes.

“Never mind…” I smile and give a kiss on your forehead, I already forgot what I was going to say. I keep my eyes set on you and lock your eyes with mine. You’re pure beauty and I can’t stop telling you.

You lift up your hand and get a hold on one of my strands of dark curls and pull me down. “Now tell me. What were you going to say to me?”

“I forgot” I smile and plant a kiss on your pinkish lips.

“Fine…then don’t tell me.” You sigh and wrap your arms around me as we’re both laying on our side.

“Sleeping with your shirt on?” I whisper into your ear. You nod. “It’s cold.” You whisper back.

“Also when you’re here with me? When I’m doing my best to keep you warm?” I must say that I’m a little upset.

“Don’t know,” you shrug and close your eyes.

“Hey” I whisper, my finger running down your cheek. “What’s bothering my princess?”

“Don’t know” you say, again. I let my left arm slide over your hip and the other underneath your body to embrace the little fragile frame that holds you together. “Sorry…it’s…hmf” you mutter.

“It’s okay, honey. It really is.” I kiss your little nose and smile at you. My Jonne, you’re beautiful.

You open your eyes again, the big blue rounds are staring at me. I plant a small kiss between them and one a little higher between your blonde eyebrows. A faint smiles show me you appreciate what I’m doing. We stay in silence for minutes and suddenly out of the blue you pop a question. “What would you do if I wouldn’t be there anymore tomorrow?”

“Jonne!” I exclaim, rather surprised.

“I was just wondering” you silently whisper, a fog in the bright blue eyes that turn away from me.

“I would cry my eyes out and miss you for the rest of my life.” I say quickly, the thought of you not being around anymore makes me shiver.

“Would you find another boyfriend?” you ask. “Would you love him more than you love me?”

I look at you in confusion. “Why are you asking? I don’t know what will happen, Jonne. And I don’t feel like thinking about it, I don’t want it to happen.”

“But what if it does happen. Would you know what songs I want played at my funeral?”

Without a word I turn around in anger, my back is facing you. You’ve pulled your arms back and you’re drawing little circles on the bare skin with your nails like nothing has happened.

“You know” you whisper after a while into my ear. ‘You have a very nice back but the front is even prettier.” The way your breath tickles my ear makes me smile. I turn around again and go with my finger over your nose. “That tickles” you giggle.

I press my lips against yours. “You okay again?” I ask after we’ve broken the kiss.

“Don’t know…you might have to kiss me again.” You smirk. I softly kiss you and hungrily you kiss me back, your tongue licking my lips, begging for entrance. I unlock my lips and let the tip of your tongue in, finding my tongue and when I open my mouth fully your tongue has invited mine in a gentle but lustful dance. A dance full of passion. Such soft moans fill my ears and my hand runs through your hair, tangling into it with my fingers.

“I am okay” you whisper with a smile when the kiss is over. I don’t think there are any words necessary, just a little smile to confirm that I’ve heard you.

It’s now that you finally take of your shirt off, throwing it on the floor. You’ve been shifting a little higher on the bed so part of your upper body isn’t covered any longer. I look at you, at the naked part of your body. It’s so pure except for that one piece of metal that pierces your nipple. It somehow disturbs the balance though it’s beautiful. I reach for it to play with it, twirl it around a bit, being careful not to hurt you. You lay down on your back, staring at the ceiling while I’m still playing with your piercing, now planting small kisses around it. “Stop that” you giggle, it’s tickling you and I know it. That’s why my lips are there. “Darling, please” you laugh. I raise my head and lay it on your shoulder. “You wanna go to sleep?” I ask when I hear you’re suppressing a yawn.

“If you don’t mind.” You say almost apologetic.

“What else are we in bed for?” I grin and get my head off you so you can get fully underneath the covers. You wrap you arms loosely around my waist and kiss me. “Sleep well” you say with a warm smile lingering on your lips.

“Good night, princess.” I whisper and watch you close your eyes. I press a kiss on your forehead and see how the smile on your face is growing.

I close my eyes as well and listen to your calm breathing that has a soothing effect on me. As you move a little, strands of hair lay against my cheek. It’s still wet and smells of shampoo. I brush them away and lay a hand on your chest. I feel myself softly drifting asleep, with the most beautiful sleeping beauty next to me.

~The End~