Scene 1

[ shot of Jonne laughing backstage, Christus can be heard as well ]

(Jonne is sweaty and shirtless and has a white towel around his neck)

JONNE: (grinning, looks into the camera) I’ve just grabbed Kris’ dick onstage, had to make sure he was doing okay!

(the camera shakes a little, and we see part of Kristian’s grinning face – he is sweaty and his eyeliner is smeared a bit)

KRISTIAN: You hear that? He had to make sure everything down there was okay!

(the camera jerks sideways to focus on Lauri, who is obviously trying to ignore them and drink a beer)

KRISTIAN: Hey, Lauri, you hear this? He is looking out for my little guy?

(the camera is pointed away and the image jumps as we hear unzipping and a struggle in the background)

LAURI: Fuck off and let me have my beer. Get your dick out of my face.

(laughter in the background, Jonne’s can be distinguished)

(the camera is dropped, screen goes black)

(the sounds of struggle increase, and though nothing can be seen now, we can tell that Lauri and Kristian are wrestling – masculine grunts can be heard, and things banging around a bit, and Jonne shouting something that sounds amused but is indistinguishable)

(Jonne curses just as a loud CRASH is heard and static takes over the screen)