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Welcome to NGT Feeding Fire.


"Fire's Feeding You" by KrissyLove.
(Life as a musician's girlfriend is hard. You have to savor the moments you get. You/Lauri [HET])

"I'm Lost In My Heaven" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri and Kristian can't stop fighting. Will they make up before it's too late? Lauri/Sir)

"New Year's" by KrissyLove.
(Boys will be boys on New Year's eve. Lauri/Jonne/Sir)

"Sauna Love 101" by KrissyLove.
(Nothing like a little sauna love to heat up a cold winter's day. Sir/Ville Liimatainen)

"Touchless" by KrissyLove.
(Two lucky girls witness something no fans should ever see. Jonne/Sir/Lauri)

"Hey Pretty" by KrissyLove.
("Hey pretty, don't you wanna take a ride with me, through my world?" Jonne/himself [you'll see] )

"A Lot Of Explaining To Do" by KrissyLove.
(Why forgetting is very, very bad. Lauri/Sir)

"Goodbye Sandman" by K-Bunny.
(Sir has a very 'pleasant' awakening. surprise pairing)

"Just Let Me Love You" by alatariel3.
(A special moment between Lauri and Jonne after a gig. Lauri/Jonne)

"Junkies Love" by KrissyLove.
(Is love stronger than addiction? Sir/Japa [Private Line])

"Playing The Angel" by K-Bunny.
(Japa tries to convince Sir that sharing is caring. Sir/Japa [Private Line]/ Matthau [Bloodpit] - warning: INCEST)

"Sex Ed" by Janie Jaded.
(Jonne and Sir give a little instruction. Jonne/Sir/Ville [Flinch] - warning: INCEST, MILD BRUTALITY)

"Whiskey Passion" by Janie Jaded.
(Jonne and Sir share a little alcohol-induced fun. Jonne/Sir)

"Another Man's Arms" by Janie Jaded.
(When Sammy and his wife have a fight, will he regret turning to Jonne for support? Jonne/Sammy [Private Line])

"A Brother's Love" by Janie Jaded.
(Because sometimes remembering can be so much fun. Sir/Japa [Private Line]/ Matthau [Bloodpit] - warning: INCEST)

"After All" by KrissyLove and Heather.
(A possible theory about Jonne's haircut. Jonne/Christus)

"One Heated Afternoon" by spiteful angel.
(Side-story to 'How We Got Where We Are Today', Jonne's rather more explicit take on part 2, 'writing songs'. Jonne sees his chance, and takes it. Jonne/Lauri)

"Voices In The Wind" by Jay.
(An AU fic in which Larry is a sheepherder. One day, while he is tending to his sheep, he meets a peculiar, playful being. Jonne/Lauri)

"In Secret" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri won’t let himself have Jonne fully, but they’re both satisfied with what they have together. Half from Jonne’s POV, half from Lauri’s POV. Jonne/Lauri)

"Jonne And Lauri: A Lovestory" by KrissyLove.
(the story of Jonne and Lauri, and how they ended up falling in love. Jonne/Lauri)

"Rain" by KrissyLove.
(apparently Jonne has a special liking for the rain… Jonne/Lauri)

"Tryst" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne wants Japa, and Kristian is determined to get him for him. Jonne/Kristian/Japa)

"War Of Love" by KrissyLove.
(the night Lauri finally got up the courage to tell Jonne how he felt, everything changed… Lauri/Jonne)

"Surprises And Buckets Of Ice Water" by KrissyLove.
(It had all started with a bucket of ice water and a surprise... Jonne/Lauri, hinted Jonne/Kris)

"Paradise City" by KrissyLove.
(Larry meets his idol. Larry/Slash, Larry/Jonne)

*"Last Hero" by KrissyLove.
(A chapter by chapter account of Jonne and Lauri's relationship from the moment they met to present day. Jonne/Lauri)

**"Kitara: Part 2" by KrissyLove.
(a pre-story to the other chapter; this is the time Jonne talked about. Jonne/Lauri)

** = NEW, * = UPDATED



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