"New Year's"
by Krissy and Pam

It was New Years Eve. He finally had an excuse to be drunk. Kristian raised his bottle of vodka into the air as the clock struck midnight, sneaking another secret and lustful look at Jonne. Jonne caught his eye, returned the naughty look, then looked innocently back over towards his bandmate and lover, Lauri. They had been playing this game all evening, and were both secretly hoping they could find a time to get away.

Kristian continued eyeing his younger bandmate and drinking vodka. Lauri kept Jonne close to his side all night while he drank and laughed with all his friends. Jonne looked so bored yet so beautiful as Lauri's trophy; smiling on que when Lauri made a joke, standing quietly by his side while he talked of business.

Quickly growing impatient, Kristian licked his lips sensually and gave Jonne a look that could not be mistaken.

Feeling his pants becoming a little too tight for his taste, Jonne had finally had enough. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom baby," he whispered into Lauri's ear.

Lauri did not respond or even acknowledge that he had heard Jonne, he just kept right on talking. Sighing, Jonne figured what the hell and headed off in Kristian's direction.

Kristian looked up from his bottle to see Jonne sauntering towards him with the look of utter accomplishment in his eyes, or was it domination? Kristian couldn't be sure. When Jonne finally reached his side, he leaned in and whispered, "if you want me come and get me," then turned on his heel and strutted off towards the bathrooms.

Was that the taste of vodka in his mouth, or was it victory? Kristian wondered, grinning a sly grin and appreciating the fine sight of Jonne sauntering off before standing up himself and following quickly after. The bathroom door hadn't even shut before he was pinned against the wall and a very sensuous tasting tongue was in his mouth. Of course it was Jonne.

"I didn't think I was ever gonna get away from him", Jonne moaned into Kristian's mouth.

"I am so glad you could accomodate me Mr. Liimatainen", Kristian said jokingly with the hint sheer lust in his voice.

"Oh are we so proper now Kristian", Jonne exclaimed, "I thought this bathroom of all places would eliminate the formality." Jonne immediately kneeled to the floor and undid the button and zipper to Kristians leapord print pants. "Would you like me to be proper Kristian or do you want me to be the dirty whore you know I am," muttered Jonne.

"Oh you know what I want, Liimatainen," Kristian half-growled. Seeing that pretty little mouth so close to his cock was about to drive him insane.

"Mmm, I believe I do," Jonne said, licking his lips as he looked down at the most gorgeous dick he'd ever seen in his entire life. His mouth closed around the head, sucking sensually and slow at first, moaning around it as he did. He watched Kristian carefully as he sucked his cock, loving the relaxed but extremely pleasured look on his face.

Jonne was so turned on by now that he began to bob on the head feverishly. He fiddled with his own zipper and released his pulsating hard cock into his on small hands. He begun rubbing himself with his thumb paying close attention to the head of his almost painful hard on. Kristian noticed the alarming pace in which Jonne was now sucking his cock, with moans escaping his lips he spilled over into Jonne's beautiful mouth looking into his gorgeous eyes. Jonne milked his cock for every last drop of cum Kristian had, got to his feet and said "please Kristian, is it my turn now?"

"Oh you know it is, I've been dying for you to fuck me all night," Kristian purred, kissing Jonne deeply, tasting himself in Jonne's mouth. His thumb rubbed slowly over the head of Jonne's cock as they kissed, causing Jonne to let out a moan in his mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Jonne kicked off his pants and helped Kristian off with his before turning him around towards the wall.

Jonne glanced around the room for lube, finding the handsoap on the sink very handy. He rubbed some on his cock taking a moment to feel the pleasure only his own hands could create. Kristian moaned, "Baby c'mon I need you now."

Jonne came over and fingered Kristian gently making room for his generously sized cock. Kristian was moaning out in pleasure begging Jonne for something more substantial inside of him. Jonne complied by gently entering his lover, he began at a slow passionate pace that cause Kristian to arch his back and beg for more using obcenities Jonne had never in his life heard.

As Jonne continued to fuck him slowly but so deep and so good, Kristian's cock quickly hardened again. Jonne had his arms pinned over his head on the cold tile wall, and soon he was begging for Jonne to jerk him, knowing full well that Jonne was as talented with his hands as he was with his hips. There was just something that he did different and it felt so fucking good. But Jonne would not relent, and Kristian was left wanting.

Jonne was so turned on by the fact the Kristian was hard and in need that he began to lose all passion and started to outright fuck Kristian like he would a groupie whore. When he released Kristians hands to grab onto his hips for more support, Kristian's hand went straight to his own cock and he began stroking himself so hard he was sure his cock would be sore in the morning, none of that mattered at the moment. In this moment the only thing on Kristian's mind was the moans escaping his lovers lips as he pounded him like a cheap streetwalker.

Jonne could tell that Kristian was getting close by the way his hand sped up even more and he began to moan extremely loud, making noises he hadn't known could come from a human being. He was sure that everyone outside in the club could hear, even over the loud music. Not that he cared really, he was having the fuck of his life.

He reached around and grabbed his lovers cock in his hand and began to stroke him hard and rough and he continued the assault on his insides. Kristian could take the pressure of Jonne's and and cock and spilled into Jonne's hand on his stomach and onto the floor. Jonne licking Kristians cum of his fingers and hand continued pounding his lovers ass untill he spilled over into him in a wave of heated lust.

They kissed briefly, Kristian once again tasting himself in Jonne's mouth. He knew Jonne loved the taste of him, he'd told him many times before, most of the time in dirty bathrooms just like this one.

"I better get back out there before Lauri misses me," Jonne said, suddenly feeling a little bit nervous as he quickly pulled his clothes back on.

"'Kay. Let's do this again soon," Kristian winked, slapping Jonne on the ass on his way out the door.

Jonne quickly made his way back over to Lauri, who turned around to kiss him. "Hey babe where were you? Mm, you taste good tonight."

"I had to use the bathroom," Jonne replied, stifling a giggle at that last part. He looked up in Kristian's direction, and saw him laughing. Well, at least he'd started the new years off right.

~The End~