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Welcome to NGT Feeding Fire.


"Love At Midnight" by Coco
(a sweet little late night moment between Jonne and Lauri)

"After Every Rain" by Ciardha
(Will Jonne's sudden breakdown cause the dreams of the entire band to fall apart?)

"How We Got Where We Are Today" by spiteful angel
(Larry tells us how he and Jonne came to mean quite so much to each other.)

"Want Some?" by spiteful angel
(Side-story to 'How We Got Where We Are Today', set some time before all the resolution in chapters five and six. Jonne sneaks into Larry's room before a festival show.)

"Enough" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri reflects… implied Jonne/Kris)

"I Love You, Asshole" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri can be trouble too, sometimes…. kindof Jonne/Lauri)

"His Happy Ending" by KrissyLove.
(Being with Kristian had changed Jonne, but now so has his relationship with Lauri… Jonne/Lauri)

"Lost" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne has lost some things that he's not sure will ever be found again... Jonne/Lauri)

"Without You" by KrissyLove.
(What will happen to Jonne when Lauri’s gone? Jonne/Lauri)

"2 A.M." by KrissyLove.
(Lauri has a strange relationship to the night, and is surprised when it brings he and Jonne closer… Jonne/Lauri)

"The Beginning" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri remembers how he came to be in Negative. hinted Lauri/Riisu)

"Strawberries" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri seems to have 'misplaced' his strawberries… Jonne/Lauri)

"Sex, Drugs, And Rock 'N Roll (Inspiration)" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne can't find his muse. Jonne/Lauri)

"Pierced" by KrissyLove.
(Jack’s glad Kristian talked him into his new piercing… Kristian/Jack [Private Line])

**"Surviving Together" by KrissyLove.
(a special Halloween fanfiction - zombie attacks bring Jonne and Lauri closer together than they've ever been. Jonne/Lauri)

** = NEW



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