Jack's tongue played at the inside of his lip, toying with his piercing. It was almost completely healed now, and he was beginning to be quite pleased that he'd done it. Especially the way Kristian always made a point to pay it a bit of attention now, when they kissed. Ohhhhh... Kristian was capable of incredible things with piercings, Jack could tell. Maybe he'd get more....

He looked down at his sleeping lover, snuggling him a bit closer to his chest. Yes, he was glad Kristian had talked him into getting it.

The long, summer day had stretched on forever, and even though it was evening, the sun still lit the sky. They'd been smoking weed and cigarettes all day, and had gone out for a bit of fresh air - just walking around together, looking in shop windows, sometimes going inside for a second, but mostly just enjoying eachother's company.

They came to a tattoo and piercing shop, and Kristian stopped suddenly, looking at the store's sign, then in the window, then back to the sign. "You know, I was very drunk at the time, but I think this is where I got my piercings done. You should get something."

Jack's eyebrows furrowed and he tensed a bit. "I've got my nose, that's all I need."


And that's how it had started. They'd play-bickered about it back and forth until Kristian finally manipulated Jack into agreeing (something hed gotten quite good at). They hadn't even talked about where he was going to get pierced, they'd just walked in, and when the piercer asked him what he would like he just blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.

"My lip, I guess. Like he has." And he pointed to the jewelry in Kristian's bottom lip.

He then sat down in the chair, as he'd been instructed, and tried not to squirm so much as he waited for all the piercing equipment to be readied. Kristian noticed him fidgeting and reached for his hand, entwining it with his own and giving him a reassuring smile.

"You'll do fine," Jack heard him whisper, and then felt a kiss pressed to his temple. "I'll be here."

Then a gloved hand was holding his lip, and a clamp was applied. He couldn't watch anymore and closed his eyes tightly, squeezing Kristian's hand.

He yelped when he felt the needle go in, hot tears stinging his cheeks as hard as he tried to resist them. Then the ring was put through, and he sighed with relief. It was over. He could taste blood in his mouth, but Kristian was stroking his cheek and it made him feel much better.

He was given a long speech about how to clean the piercing and something about rinsing his mouth every time he ate, drank something other than water, or smoked, but he was too in shock from the pain - which had dulled to a hot throb - that had completely taken him by surprise a few moments before. He hadn't expected it to hurt that badly, somehow.

Kristian looked down at Jack's face and could tell he was going to be in need of some babying. Well, he was perfectly capable...

"Come on, my brave, gorgeous boy. We'll go home now," Kristian said, nuzzling his nose against Jack's, knowing his lip was too sore for kissing just yet. "That looks amazing on you, by the way." And he snuggled Jack against his side the whole walk home.

When they finally reached the comfort of their own living room, Kristian went to get Jack an ice compress to numb the pain and stop the swelling, and tenderly attended to him for a good bit.

Kristian had made sure he cleaned his piercing, and rinsed his mouth when he was supposed to. And when it was healed enough... ohhhh... Jack remembered the first time Kristian had kissed him after he'd gotten his lip pierced, because he'd had to go a week without kissing at all, due to risk of infection and the fact that it had hurt too badly until then. His lips burned for Kristian by the time he was finally able to kiss him again. But it had been worth it. Kristian had gently sucked and nibbled and licked and kissed at his lips in just the perfect way, enough to make him swoon, and then he'd started playing with the piercing, and Jack's stomach flip-flopped in the most wonderful way. It was blissful.

Jack smiled; because he knew there were plenty of other places on his body he could have pierced, and he knew Kristian would make every one worth his while. The only decision was what he would get done next. Maybe his nipple, he thought, with a wicked Jack-grin.