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Welcome to NGT Feeding Fire.


"Emails And New Beds" by KrissyLove.
(When Kristian accidentally sends an e-mail to Lauri confessing his feelings for him, how will Lauri react? Lauri/Kristian)

"The Months They Don't Matter, It's The Days I Can't Take" by KrissyLove.
(How will Lauri react when he finds out his ignoring Jonne has almost pushed the singer to suicide? Lauri/Jonne)

"Double Trouble" by KrissyLove.
(A day in the life of Double Trouble. Larry/Christus)

"We Can't Go On" by KrissyLove.
(With his two best friends - Lauri and Kristian - on junk, can Jonne survive himself, or even hope to save them? hinted Jonne/Lauri)

"Surprise!" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri finds out somebody isn't at all who he thought they were... Jonne/Lauri)

"Stubborn Boys" by KrissyLove.
(Kristian thinks Jack could use a little help with his grooming. Kristian/Jack [Private Line])

"Scare Tactics" by KrissyLove.
(Lauri awakes to something sinister. Jonne/Lauri)

"Pacing, Insomnia, Milkshakes, Motherfucker and Doing Dishes With Jonne" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne has never much liked sleeping… Jonne/Lauri)

"Musings" by KrissyLove.
(In Kristian’s wake, Lauri helps Jonne pick up the pieces, and Jonne analyzes what they both mean to him. Jonne/Kristian, Jonne/Lauri)

**"Missing Pieces: In The Eye Of The Hurricane" by KrissyLove.
(a few scenes that were left out of the dvd)

**"Let's Fuck" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne has a request for his fans... Jonne/Lauri)

**"Kitara" by KrissyLove.
(Jonne has a thing for Lauri’s guitarplaying… Jonne/Lauri)

** = NEW



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