"Sauna Love 101"
by Krissy and Pam

Christus watched from a darkened corner of the room as the youngest Liimatainen boy, who had no idea that he was there, stripped off his shirt, revealing a nice tight body, and beautiful white skin. He sipped his drink, waiting for the next item of clothing to be shed. Soon he was unbuttoning and unzipping his pants and they fell to the floor with a soft sound.

He bit his lip eagerly as he saw that Ville's thumbs were hooked in the waistband of his boxers. Quickly he pulled them off and Christus was left open mouthed at the size of the boy's cock, even soft. He held back a groan of displeasure as Ville wrapped a towel around his waist, but then quirked an eyebrow when he saw the direction in which he was headed. "The sauna..." he thought, "...could be fun." He took one final sip of his beer before shedding his own clothing and opting out of the towel option trapsed of behind that pretty young thing.

When he opened the door to the sauna he was shocked to find Ville there all alone, towel shed, touching himself in a very sensual manner. His head was tilted back in his own pleasure and beads of sweat were hanging on every part of his tight body. Christus quietly stalked his way to in front of the young boy and without saying a word slowly started to lick the sweat from around his neck. Shocked Ville released his cock and looked to see who had found him in such a comprimising position.

When he looked and saw the hair - long and black on top and short and blonde on bottom - he immediately knew it to be Christus. He moaned aloud as Christus, unphased, continued to lick his neck in a most sensual way. "Christus," he purred. Christus bit down hard on the flesh of Ville's neck as the little happy purr of his name came out of the boy's mouth. Then he gently licked and sucked the sore spot and blew on it, the air from his lungs chilling Ville's flesh and making him shiver. He sat down on the bench beside the young boy took his cock in his hand and began slowly stroking the child some 8 years his jr. Ville continued moaning like a whore in heat, writhing around and fighting for more pressure than Christus was willing to give.

"Ville, I want you to get down on your knees and suck my cock", Christus purred. As Ville made his way to the floor and looked up at his master innocently. "Go ahead boy, you know you want my cum in your mouth", Chritus growled.

"It's so pretty," Ville growled, accenting his statement with a lick of the head. "I bet you taste good, Christus."

"Like fucking candy, little boy," Christus replied, grabbing two handfuls of blonde hair and settling back against the wall behind him.

Ville moaned like a little whore all around Christus' cock. His head was hurting from the intensity in which his hair was being pulled.

"C'mon little boy is that all you got", prodded Christus.

Ville thought to himself and said "no old man I got alot more, I'm just not willing to give it to you". Ville was very pleased with himself and his answer, until he felt himself being lifted and pinned to the sauna bench.

"Well if you aren't willing to give it, I suppose I'll have to take it". Ville liked the sound of that remembering his own erection that was painfully obvious to him now.

Ville let out a surprised and somewhat pained grunt as Christus thrust into him hard with absolutely no preparation whatsoever. "Ungh, harder," Ville moaned, thrusting back hard against Christus. Christus smiled. Ville was quite the energetic and enthusiastic little fuck, wasnt he?

"Tell me how bad you want my cock to pound you, boy," Christus growled in his ear.

"I want you to fuck me raw," Ville moaned, trying to counterthrust but finding his hips firmly held in Christus's hands.

"You get what you ask for" Christus moaned as his grasp on Ville's hips was increased to ensure the boy couldn't buck up against him. Christus was in control here and it is he who would be deciding the pace of fucking and who would be getting off and when. He thrust deep and hard into the boy causing Ville to cry out in pain. "Oh come on, can't you take it little boy, do I need to ease up on you a bit", chided Christus.

"Don't you dare, I want you to fuck me harder old man", Ville purred. Ville mewled like a little kitten as Christus's hand massaged his balls and then graduated to teasingly stroking his cock. Ville tried to fuck his hand, but Christus wouldn't allow it.

"Calm down young man or am I going to have to punish you further", Christus moaned.

"Yes Christus punish me", wailed the hot little blonde.

Christus couldn't keep his calm under those conditions and abandoned stroking Ville's cock to pursue his own selfish needs. Ville picked up the duty, and began wildly pulling at his cock as both men were writhing and moaning on the floor of the sauna. Sweat dripped off Christus's hot skin and onto Ville's as he continued to fuck the younger boy. He could feel himself closely approaching the peak of pleasure and wasn't about to slow down now.

Ville continued his rough assault on his own pulsing cock. A few more strokes and he would be where he wanted to be, cumming into his own hand screaming Christus' name. Christus' eyes kept returning to his cock bouncing in and out of this boy. He knew when this orgasm peeked it was going to be a hard cum, he would be spent and it would take days to recover. If he ever really did recover. He rolled off of the young boy and lay on the floor of the sauna staring at the ceiling when he felt a warm wet presence around his cock. He mustered up enough strength to look down at Ville licking the entirety of his shaft. Finallly the boy relented joining his lover on the floor and moving in close to him to cuddle.

"I love the taste of your cum", Ville purred.

"I love you", Christus said back to his lover with a smile playing on his full lips.

~The End~