Lauri watched Jonne out of the corner of his eye, trying not to be noticed. Jonne was very tense, he could tell, stressed over this new song. He was sitting in the chair across from Lauri with his guitar in his lap, trying a few different things, cursing viciously every once in a while.

Finally, Lauri stood up and walked over to Jonne, stopping his hands on the guitar. Jonne looked up at him, slightly angry and questioning.

"Shhh," Lauri said before Jonne could speak. "You need to relax, or you'll never be able to finish it."

Any anger at Lauri disappearing, Jonne put his guitar down, balling his hands into fists. "I'm so frustrated," he said, exasperatedly.

"I know," Lauri said, brushing Jonne's hair out of his eyes. "Wait here, I think I have something for you."

Lauri returned a few moments later with a baggie in his hand. Jonne gave him a questioning glance until Lauri got closer and he could see that it was a bag of weed.

"Lauri..." he protested. "You know I can't smoke. My throat... We're about to start recording!"

Lauri cocked his head at Jonne - the blonde was a workaholic, definitely. To his own admission, even. "It won't hurt you to smoke once, and if your throat starts bothering you, you can stop. You know you always feel so much better when you smoke, and I think it'll get you past this part you're stuck on. We'll never get to record if you don't finish it, after all."

Jonne considered for a moment. He did always feel better when he was high. He was relaxed, calm, and his thoughts tended to come together more easily; it would be easier to get past whatever was blocking his creative abilities, that was for sure. And Lauri always had good shit.

A smile crossed his lips, and he nodded. "Okay. You convinced me. But you're responsible for me," he laughed, knowing that he could be very... interesting, sometimes.

Lauri had to laugh, too. He also knew how Jonne could get. "Deal. I'll just keep you contained so you can cause as little damage as possible."

He sat in the chair next to Jonne and grabbed a book off the coffee table, starting to break up the weed on it.

"You know, it's been a long time since I've seen you smile," he mused quietly, after a moment.

Jonne had been lost in his own thoughts and it took him a moment to realise what Lauri had said - he considered that for a moment. "Yeah, you know, I guess it's just been a rough patch. Hasn't it been for you?"

"Of course, I didn't mean that. I just meant you've been in your own little world, kindof. Distant...." He paused for a moment, looking Jonne in the eyes. "I miss you, you know? I miss that fun personality you bring to things."

Jonne cocked his head at Lauri; he hadn't realised he was being that way, but now that he thought about it, it was easy to see. "I guess I didn't realise. Maybe I need to spend more time with you, you seem to bring out the good in me." Giving his bandmate a soft smile.

It earned him a smile, in return. "That's fine with me." Lauri reached forward to grab a tobacco-leaf paper off the coffee table, rolling the weed he had broken up in it as precisely as he could and licking it shut. "You know you're always welcome. I don't like to go out so much anyway, these days. Been kindof a rough patch, like you said." He pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit the end, inhaling, trying to get it lit right. It didn't take much work, and he exhaled the smoke and took another hit. Better.

He offered it to Jonne then, who accepted it gratefully, taking a slow, deep drag. He held it as long as he could, but it was good shit, as he had expected, and it had been quite a while since he had smoked. He coughed the remainder of the smoke out and as he already could feel his head buzzing a little, he had to wonder why he had waited so long. It did relax him, extremely so. And he'd always had a bad habit of getting way too tense and way too upset over small things, so being able to be relaxed and rational, really, was a rare treat. He took a second hit, able to handle this one better, passing the blunt back to Lauri, who smiled at him.

"You're feeling better already, aren't you?"

Jonne grinned sheepishly and nodded. "I definitely need to hang out with you more. You keep me from being stupid and stubborn."

"Only because you listen to me," Lauri pointed out, smiling in return.

They smoked until almost all the weed had burned up and Jonne had to use his fingernails to grip the paper. Finally it burned his lips, and he decided it was finished, discarding it in the ashtray.

Jonne sighed and lay back into his chair, feeling rather like he'd shed a huge weight. They sat in silence for a while, until finally he looked over at Lauri.

"Wanna cuddle?"

Lauri had to bite back the grin on his face; Jonne was so fucking adorable sometimes, though he hated it when Lauri pointed it out.

He got up, offering Jonne a hand. He accepted, and Lauri helped him up and pulled him over to the couch, sitting down. Jonne sat between his legs, leaning back against him.

"How are you doing, sweet blonde boy?" Lauri asked finally, very softly, lifting Jonne's hair up off his neck and letting his fingertips dance a little path over his skin.

Jonne surpressed a shiver, but was not able to prevent goosebumps from raising on his skin. That tickled. Lauri seemed to sense, and stopped long enough to let him talk. "Much better, thanks to you."

"I'm glad," he smiled, blowing a thin stream of air at the same spot his fingers had been playing with earlier, wanting that shiver. He'd earned it, really...

And he got it; Jonne was not able to surpress it this time and he playfully swatted Lauri, laughing. "Fucking stop it, would you?"

Lauri leaned closer to whisper in Jonne's ear. "No," he said with a grin, and blew into his ear.

Jonne tackled him to the couch with his small but surprisingly strong frame, keeping him pinned down. Lauri laughed and laughed and laughed, and Jonne just glared at him.

"Keep laughing, see if I ever let you up."

"Oh, I like it here just fine, thanks," Lauri grinned at him, arching his hips and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Jonne rolled his eyes and released Lauri, pretending to be disgusted with him.

That was the moment Lauri used to catch him, flipping them over so that Jonne was on bottom, pinning him down and tickling him mercilessly.

Jonne screamed with laughter and tried as hard as he could to bat Lauri away, squirming, kicking even, but it was useless. Finally Lauri had to stop only so that Jonne didn't have an asthma attack; he could barely breathe and was red with laughter, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Oh. my. god." he said finally, giving Lauri an incredulous look. "You so did not just do that."

"Why?" Lauri asked with a grin. "You want more?"

Jonne punched him in the arm, not very hard, but Lauri, of course, tried to be all overdramatic and grab his arm and claim that it had really fucking hurt, which was exactly what Jonne had planned. He used this opportunity to wrestle Lauri off the couch, the two of them hitting the floor with a 'thud'. They struggled for a while until Jonne managed to get Lauri's arm bent backwards, and finally he cried out for mercy.

"You ready to stop being an ass?" Jonne grinned at him, not letting up just yet, in fact, pulling a bit more.

Lauri yelped - that did kindof hurt, but he guessed that was probably the point. "Yes, yes!" he said, trying so hard not to grin because both of them knew he wasn't.

Jonne let him up, and of course he grabbed the blonde again, but this time surprised him with a deep kiss. He struggled at first but that was only because he had figured Lauri would do something else to him; he hadn't expected to be kissed. He melted into it, it felt so good...

Some time later, after smoking again, Jonne stood up and cried out, raising his hands up, guitar still strapped to him.

"Fucking finally. I got it. Listen to this."

He played for Lauri, and Lauri nodded his head and smiled. It was exactly what they'd been looking for, and obviously Jonne was pleased with it. So was he.

"Sounds good. Sounds really good. See? I knew you could do it."

"Well, you helped. Got me relaxed enough that I could stop worrying about it and just do it," Jonne blushed.

Lauri stood up and pulled Jonne close to him, just holding him for a moment. He was just glad Jonne was happy. He knew how upset the blonde could get when he was creatively frustrated. All he had done was help Jonne find his inspiration under all of that.

"I guess it's true, you know," Jonne said. Lauri gave him a questioning look, so he elaborated, "that sex, drugs and rock 'n roll do go together. I had to have a bit of the first two to find the third."

Lauri shook his head and laughed. "Well, I guess so. And I guess that makes you my little rockstar, hm?"

Jonne smiled at Lauri, wrapping his arms around him. "I like that."

They both did.