Lauri felt like he’d been preparing forever. Jonne’s birthday was today, and it was the first time in ages they hadn’t been touring on Jonne’s birthday.

So of course, his Mummu had gotten involved. And as far as Jonne’s Mummu was concerned, birthday parties were no small issue; especially when it came to one of her beloved grandchildren.

And as usual, she had put Lauri to work. She’d given him a list – “get him this and this and call everyone and bring some food to the party and have a suit pressed and help decorate and…” Of course, Lauri had not complained; he did, after all, want Jonne to have a good birthday. He just found Mummu a bit… intimidating, at times. But not Jonne. Jonne was frighteningly bold with his words to her sometimes. He had to laugh; he was sure Jonne had caused a fair amount of her grey hair as a child.

But he had gone to work helping – and Jonne still did not even know there was to be a party, bless his heart, he’d been pouty all week, thinking everyone had forgotten. Lauri’d been busy getting him scarves and sunglasses and clothes and books and music; for it turned out that he, like Mummu, wanted Jonne to have everything.

He had even bought some fresh fruits that Jonne liked to take to the party; he had no time to cook and wasn’t very good at it anyway.

He was going through making sure he had everything for the party now; he’d just returned from Mummu’s, where he’d been helping decorate. Jonne was not out of bed yet, it seemed; but it was only ten o’clock and if Jonne wanted to sleep on his birthday, Lauri would let him.

Pineapples, cherries, strawberries… strawberries..? Where the hell were the bloody strawberries? Strawberries were Jonne’s favorite, and he… Jonne. Oh, it had to be Jonne. Jonne had spent the night at Lauri’s and though he had written ‘do not eat :)’ on them…

He had to laugh as he headed toward the bedroom.

When he opened the door, it was to the best possible scene he could’ve imagined. Jonne was laying there in his underwear, spread out across the bed with headphones on – just relaxing – looking all toned and singing passionately, and with his pouty lips stained red from the strawberries. Lauri almost didn't have the heart to interrupt him.

He tapped Jonne, and he jumped in surprise; he had not heard Lauri come in, obviously. He took off his headphones and tried to look innocent. “Hi, Lauri.” He was glad he had set a book on top of the bowl he’d had the strawberries in, but still, if Lauri were looking….

“I see you found my strawberries,” said Lauri, hands on his hips, smirking.

Jonne’s eyes widened in pretend-shock. “You had strawberries and didn’t tell me?!”

Lauri rolled his eyes and gave Jonne a stern glare, which was entirely put on; he wasn’t angry, of course not. “Oh, Jonne. You’ve got strawberries all over your lips.”

Jonne got a guilty look in his clear blue eyes, and tried to put a cute look on his face. “I couldn’t help it, they looked so yummy!”

Lauri laughed and sat down on the bed next to Jonne; what else could he do - he loved Jonne dearly, and the entire scene was far too cute. “It’s alright, birthday boy, they were for your party, anyway. You might have actually had me convinced, too, had you not left the evidence everywhere.” He leaned in to kiss Jonne, but the blonde was up before he could, bouncing on the bed.

“A party?! You remembered it was my birthday?! Everyone remembered?!”

Lauri stood up on the bed with Jonne, taking his hands, smiling at him. “Of course we remembered. If you think I could forget, you don’t know how special I think you are, sweet boy. Come here, and let me see if your lips taste of strawberries, too.”

Lauri pulled Jonne back down to the bed and wrapped his arms around him. Jonne leaned into the embrace and kissed him, a kiss Lauri eagerly returned; for Jonne’s lips did taste of strawberries, and something about that was very… hot.

“I didn’t finish them all yet,” Jonne said in a low whisper, after he was kissed breathless and his lips were swollen and his heart was fluttering in the most wonderful way. He grabbed the bowl off the bedside table, revealing that there were still a fair amount of strawberries left. “You could… feed me one, if you wanted to,” he added shyly, and Lauri was struck by how sweet it was.

Lauri smiled and placed one of the strawberries between his teeth, daring Jonne with his eyes. “Come and get it, angel.”

Later, as he lay stretched out on the bed next to Jonne, Lauri decided the strawberries were no big loss, after all; he’d found a much better use for them anyway. Though he’d never thought that they could be so… multifunctional, he thought with a soft laugh.