"Juha, kitten?"

I hear the purr of my lover from across the room and turn around, giving him a playfully questioning look. I know this tone. He thinks he can fool me, but I know this tone. He only gives me that purr when he's up to something.

"Yes, beautiful?" I return, further convinced by the little pleased purse of his lips after I've answered him that I'm being set up.

"Come here. I need to talk to you about something," he says, distracting himself by staring at his silver-polished nails - oh no, this one is going to be bad, I can tell. I grin and make my way across the room, hips swaying as I walk, knowing that he's watching my leather-clad ass in the mirror behind me, and absolutely smirking evilly at the fact. He is so mine.

When I reach the bed, he grabs me by the beltloops and gazes up at me, giving me a deep, displeased, drama-queen sigh. "Japa, I just can't stand it anymore."

I laugh immediately - I know positively that he is joking, and he should know I picked up on his plan before the second sentence even left his mouth. We've known each other forever, remember? "Alright," I tell him, crossing my arms over my chest, amused. "I'll bite. What can't you stand anymore?"

To my surprise, his eyes travel down to my belly and his gaze stays there. The belly that he loves, loves to tease, loves to torture me with until I'm absolutely bloody insane! I'm rather sensitive there, you see. Never have known why, but Kristian's the only person who's ever been able to get me off just by paying me various attentions there. Why is he staring at it as if mildly displeased with me? Now I'm really intrigued.

"This little forest you've got here is just not going to work anymore. No, no, no, no, no. It's got to go," he tells me unashamedly, clicking his tongue, still staring at it.

"Forest!" I exclaim, mildly (playfully), offended. "It is not!"

He laughs at me. He actually laughs at me. "Oh yes, yes it is. And if you ever want me to use my little stomach-trick on you again, you're going to get rid of it."

I scoff, not displeased at the thought of it being gone, just a little wary at how he plans to do it. Not to mention a little displeased with the fact that he disapproves. "And how exactly do you plan for me to go about removing it, then, since you're so displeased with me?" I pout, being completely overdramatic; I'm not upset, of course, just pretending to be - after all, two can play this game.

"Oh, stop pouting. You could shave it. ....Or I could hot wax it," he adds, with a huge grin.

My eyes widen. "Oh no, no, no, no, no. Fuck off! You are not getting anywhere near my stomach with hot wax, you just want to rip it off! I like having my hair pulled, but not there. Forget about it!" I say firmly, crossing my arms over my chest again. "Absolutely not."

He clicks his tongue again, and returns to studying his nails, running his tongue against the inside of his cheek. "Shame, that."

"If you want to use hot candle wax on my stomach after it's cleanshaven, you know I'd more than love that. But don't you even think about painfully ripping out my stomach-fur. Hell no," I hiss.

"Are you saying you'll shave it, then?" he asks, still not looking up from his nails, trying to pretend the proposition doesn't at all interest him - though we both know otherwise. He's made that quite clear.

I shoot a playful glare in his direction, hands going to my hips. "Did I say that?"

"No," he says, delicately picking at a nail, then blowing a stream of air at it. "But you implied it."

I roll my eyes. He's being such a drama queen. As per usual. "Keep acting like that, Princess, and I think I might have to hurt you."

"Princess?" he questions, but then continues on. "And what if I like to be hurt, hm?"

I shrug my shoulders as if apathetic. "Then more fun for both of us, I guess."

He finally looks me in the eyes, and there's something fiery, passionate, and very evil in them. "Oh, come off it already, you're the one acting like a Princess. Tell you what...." He resituates himself into that catlike posture once more - predatory, and yet completely nonchalant. I can tell already that I'm done for. "You go draw a nice, hot bath...." And now he's drawing out his words. Oh no. This is going to be very, very bad. "Get rid of that mess...." Idly gesturing at my stomach. "And I will bring you in a nice surprise, for being such a good little kitten."

I'm not at all convinced, but his surprises do usually work out quite nicely for me. I consider it for a moment, then shrug my shoulders one last time, simulatenously trying to giving him as little of my attention as I can - that'll drive him completely insane, and I know it; my attention is exactly what he wants. "Suits me. You know where I'll be if you need me."

I head towards the bathroom to draw a bath as he's asked. I know he's probably gone off immediately to put his evil plan into action - whatever it is - and I decide to let myself be surprised as I lower myself into the hot water. Mmmmm.... I have no doubt that he intends to take advantage of a certain water-fetish of mine, and wouldn't at all complain about that. I've always had a thing for the feeling of wet skin sliding against mine. Ohgod, just thinking about it.... No, focus Jack. He's made it quite clear that the deal is contigent on me being rid of my fur-patch - which I consider a token of my manly honor and am still quite pouty at his distaste for it - so I'd better get around to shaving it, at least. Hm... I look around at the colorful array of razors spread out around the bathtub and almost have to laugh at the first thought that strikes me: if I didn't know better, I'd say this was a girl's flat. But then again, I suppose I've always liked my boys that way. And I'm certainly not complaining, because you can take my word for it that Kristian doesn't have a hair on his body from the neck down. Makes that previously mentioned wet-skin-sliding even more amazing, and that's probably the reason the wicked boy does it, come to think of it.

Staring at my belly, I chew at my lip. Goodbye, manly honor. That's probably also part of his plan - take away my masculinity and assert his domination. But I happen to like it when he dominates, so I shift my body a little, just so that my belly is out of the water, and spray some shaving cream over the area. Ohgod. Close my eyes. You can do this, Jack-boy. Come on, don't be a pussy. Eyes still closed, I make the first swipe of the razor over my belly, then very tentatively open one eye to survey the damage. Well, I suppose that wasn't too bad. One more stroke of the razor. It especially isn't bad if I think about my bare belly sliding against Kristian's. Ohgod. Okay. Motivation. Within a few seconds, I'm finished, and breathe a sigh of relief as I run my hand over my newly-shaven skin, surveying it.

And that's when I hear it. A dark, mischievous chuckle coming from the doorway. My head snaps up and I see Kristian, standing there in the doorway, completely naked. I run my tongue over my bottom lip at the sight - it's almost enough to make me forget he's laughing at me again.

"Jesus, Juha, it wasn't that bad, was it? Took you long enough anyway!" he smirks at me.

I realise that he was probably watching me the entire time, and almost want to smack that grin off his face, but that's exactly what he wants me to want, so I instead shrug, attempting to frustrate him. "Well, suppose it doesn't matter now. 'S gone anyway. Now, how about that surprise?"

He holds up what's in his hands (guess I hadn't noticed) - a candle and lighter - and his face takes on that predatory-thing again. "You said I could use the hot wax on you once you were shaved, didn't you?"

As I lick my lips, he starts to saunter towards me. I like this idea. I like it immensely. I know I'm the one who said it to begin with, but I didn't expect him to do it - which, now, looking back, should have been obvious, really. It's so Kristian. This time, it's my turn to purr. "Mmmm... Believe I did, baby."

I watch as he lights the candle, refusing to look at me for a moment - he knows it's what I want - and sets it in the far corner of the tub, presumably so that I can't reach it. That seems like Kristian. But I wouldn't interfere in this game; I like it too much.

He slowly slides into the water next to me, making exaggerated little purring sounds, and I know exactly what he's trying to do - to get my mind to wander. It works marvellously. After he's done with his little show, his hand slides over my stomach, the muscles jumping and twitching under his touch, and ohgod... "Now that's much better, isn't it?" he says, his voice a dark, seductive purr.

I've closed my eyes - ohhhhh, it feels so good when he flutters his fingers across my stomach, over my hipbones - and am too blissed-out to care to answer him. Apparently he's anticipated that, because the next thing I feel is a hot, burning pain over the skin there. I hiss and my muscles tighten in pain, but I like it, always have. He peels off the wax and gently soothes the tortured skin, oversensitised by his treatments, and as he runs his tongue over it I hiss again - though this time in pleasure. "Mmmhh, again...."

"Again, hm?" Sounding amused, he complies, and this time I open my eyes to watch, hips arching up so as to catch the wax as it falls, feeling the sensation spread all the way through my body and make me shiver. He gives this one the same treatment, fluttering his tongue against it gently, soothing, teasing, ohgod that's good.

I feel his fingers wrap around me, starting to stroke, not quite enough, but it'll do for now. Feels good anyway. He lets his pace increase just a little bit as he tips the candle in his other hand again, this time not focusing on any particular area, just dripping the wax all over my stomach, his hand continuing to move on me as he does it, and I almost can't stand it. The feelings of intense pain, pleasure, and heat have completely taken over my body, and with a breathy moan I warn him that he'd better slow down if he expects me to last any respectable amount of time. "Please, Kristian," I whimper.

He sets the candle down, and smirks at me, but then stays completely still except for the steady movement of his wrist, those slow, controlled jerks. "Yes, Juha?" he asks, his tone almost sickeningly sweet.

"Ohgod, I.... mmmmhhh...." I whine helplessly, my eyes pleading with him - he knows what I want.

He licks his lips - ohgod, that lip ring - and scoots up a bit to press our water-slicked bodies together, his hand not ceasing in its movement. "What was that, lovely?"

Fucking bastard, oh, I'd kill him if he didn't have me so... damn... distracted.... "Mmmm, want you...." I manage, finally.

"You do?" he asks, looking incredibly amused.

Finally, I've had it. "KRISTIAN!" I hiss, stilling his hand, the look in my eyes letting him know he's going to regret it if he teases me any more.

He chuckles and reaches behind him, and I could almost strangle him but for the fact that he produces a little bottle of that warming lube he knows I love so much. "All right, all right, no need to get antsy," he tells me, coating two fingers, attacking my neck with kisses.

A good while later, I relax back into the water - which isn't nearly as hot as it was when I first got in, but is still warm enough, I suppose - with a satisfied little purr, legs still wrapped around Kristian, leaning in to give him a soft, satisfied kiss. I darenot tell him he was right that it needed to be gone; he'd never let me live it down, but he beats me to the punch.

"Now, doesn't that feel better?"

Damn. If I avoid the question, he'll know, and if I answer him, he'll know. My own little catch-22. Well, might as well tell him then, I suppose. "Yes..." I almost add, 'and don't you dare get smug about it,' but I know that's exactly what he'd do, just to spite me.

He grins like the cat that got the canary. "See, you should comply more often. You know I always get my way."

"Of course I do, you manipulative bastard," I tease, nuzzling my nose against his. Mmm, am feeling much better after that. "I think kitten could use a nice, long nap now..."

"Alright, kitten," he whispers in my ear, giving it a soft kiss, lifting me up in his arms - though I have no idea where he got the strength. He proceeds to set me up on the counter and dry me off with a big, fluffy towel, and the tenderness with which he does so makes me smile. When I'm as dry as he can manage to get me, he lifts me up again and carries me to our bed, tucking me underneath the covers, cuddling right up to me.

"There. Is that better, love?" he asks me, and I can't help but curl as close to him as I can get.

"Mmmm, much...." Feeling my eyelids close already, he's thoroughly worn me out as usual, and now the only thing in the world I want is to sleep snuggled up in his arms - we have our sweet moments too, you know. "I love you...."

"I love you too," he tells me, and my lips curve into the tiniest little smile, which it seems he can't resist kissing. "Sleep now, kitten."

He starts to sift his fingers through my hair, and in no time, he's put me to sleep. He always was the only one who ever understood me....