by Krissy

"I've been waiting all my life for this moment of our looooooooooove," Ruusu sang loudly, obnoxiously and completely out of tune.

"Oi! Shut up Ruusu! Someone might hear you?" her friend and partner in crime Siiri scolded her.

"Haha maybe it will be Jonne Aaron who will hear. They could be in town, you know, even though the show is not until tomorrow night; they've had two days off. I think that Jonne will hear me singing his song and fall head over heels and confess his undying love for me," she laughed, skipping ahead on the sidewalk a bit. The two were going to see Negative the very next night, and to say that they were excited was an understatement.

Siiri rolled her eyes, "Oh, I'm sure that's what will happen, especially with that lovely singing voice of yours,."

"Oh fuck off, you're just jealous," Ruusu grinned, not watching where she was going and almost tripping over her own two feet.

"Well, smooth moves for sure. I suppose if your beloved Larry Love is out here somewhere, he won't be able to miss you when you trip and tackle him to the ground," Siiri giggled.

Ruusu winked. "Nope, he won't. And I'll make sure to take out Sir Christus for you too."

"Oh shut up! You--"

Ruusu's eyes suddenly got as big as dinner plates and she held up her hand to silence her friend.

Siiri looked at her questioningly. "What is it?"

"I swear to god, I just heard Lauri's voice."

"Oh sure you did. It's probably all the--"

Suddenly she cut herself off as they both heard Lauri's voice, clear as day, say, "Don't be a dumbass Jonne." And there was no doubt in either of their minds that the voice did, in fact, belong to Lauri Markkula. Eagerly, they looked around until they spotted three familiar figures walking down the park's sidewalk - a headfull of blonde dreads, a headfull of dark curls, and a pink beanie pulled down over blonde and black hair. Jonne, Kristian, and Lauri.

"Oh my god, it's really them!" Siiri cried.

Ruusu grinned evilly. "Let's follow them."

But Siiri looked unsure. "Should we?"

"Who cares if we -should-?" Ruusu laughed. "Come on."

"Love is right nowwwwwwwwww," Kristian belted out drunkenly, slurring the words of the same song Ruusu had been singing earlier.

The two girls laughed and smiled as Jonne took Kristian's hand and the two skipped down the park singing, earning them a gratituous eye roll from Lauri. "Just keep it in your pants, you two," he muttered.

As if spurred on by his comment, Kristian stopped walking and looked at Jonne. His hands grabbed two handfulls of Jonne's dreads and he tugged him closer, his lips colliding with the blonde's.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!" Ruusu breathed as quietly as her surprised brain would allow her.

Siiri said nothing until Jonne backed Kristian into a tree as the two continued to make out heatedly, tongues fighting for space in each other's mouths. "They must be so drunk!" she commented quietly, eagerly watching to see what the boys would do next. By now they were very very close to the girls, who were hiding behind a large oak tree, watching. They were so close that they could clearly see the pink of Jonne and Kristian's tongues rubbing, and they just continued to stand there looking on in awe.

"Oh Lauri dearest," Jonne purred, pulling away to look at his curly-haired bandmate. "Won't you join us?"

He seemed to contemplate it a moment but didn't have time to really think it out before Jonne had begun tongue-kissing him as well. He could taste Kristian on Jonne's alcohol-tainted breath, and as the other guitarist began to suck at the side of his neck, he let go of all inhibitions, eagerly moaning into Jonne's mouth.

As if affected by the boys' lust, the rain that had been threatening all night began to pour down, drenching them, but they hardly noticed. The somewhat icy drops did nothing to cool off their passion.

Now soaking wet as well, the two friends continued to watch the bandmates go at each other, neither of them noticing anything but the fact that all three men were extremely turned on and couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Lauri had switched partners and was now eagerly kissing Kristian, their tongues dueling in a fierce, lusty battle. Jonne dropped to his knees between the two and began to work on unfastening Lauri's pants, finding that his fingers did not particularly want to cooperate with his intoxicated brain. But finally it came undone and he let Lauri's pants fall around his ankles, his eyes travelling up the guitarist's firm thighs and to the largely protruding bulge in his rain-soaked black boxer-briefs. His hand cupped it eagerly, rubbing it through the cotton, making Lauri kiss Kristian harder and more desperately. Jonne had a bit of a hard time getting the garment completely off him, but Lauri finally helped him by kicking both his pants and underwear off.

Never breaking their kiss, Kristian's talented fingers unbuttoned Lauri's vest and pulled it off him while Jonne's tongue played at the base of the brunette's fully hard cock.

Mouths gaping in shock, Siiri and Ruusu continued to watch as Jonne gave Lauri head, his tongue, mouth, and hands skillfully working the guitarist's straining member. By now, Kristian had begun to work at the fastenings of his own pants, and Lauri, sensing his urgency, took over. He easily undid them, being the more sober of the two, and slipped his hand inside his bandmate's almost obscenely tight hot pink pants. Kristian, in typical "Sir Christus" fashion, was not wearing any underwear, making it much easier for Lauri's skilled guitarist fingers to work his hard-on.

Lauri's hips had begun to involuntarily thrust into Jonne's mouth, and the singer had to push him up against the tree behind them and hold his hips down to keep from being choked. This earned him a grunt from Kristian, as the shock of his back hitting a solid object caused Lauri to momentarily stop the movement of his hand on his cock. But his displeasure was quickly forgotten as Lauri began to jerk his cock even better than before, pulling deep, throaty moans from his chest. "God, you're so good with your hands, Lauri!"

Lauri's head was spinning, between the delicious things Jonne's mouth was doing to him and the sexy, sensuous moans coming from Kristian, he was already aching for release. He needed more. His eyes made contact with Jonne's and Jonne knew exactly what he wanted. Releasing Lauri's cock, he reached into his jacket pocket and produced a small jar of vaseline he used to keep his pouty pink lips from chapping. It was going to come in handy tonight.

Kristian pulled Lauri's hand out of his pants as Jonne approached him, the lead singer taking off his jacket and shirt as he moved closer. Lauri, circling around behind him, pulled off Kristian's shirt as well, leaving them all three shirtless and getting Jonne and Kristian that much closer to being naked, as Lauri was. Lauri helped Kristian take off his pants as Jonne removed his own, all three of them now naked and standing in the long-forgotten rain.

Jonne unscrewed the lid from the vaseline and rubbed some onto his aching cock, momentarily enjoying the pleasure his own fingers gave to him as he did so. He then passed it on to Kristian, all of them somehow knowing who wanted to fuck who and who wanted to -be fucked- by who. Kristian rubbed some of the substance onto himself and then dropped the small container, not particularly caring what happened to it. All he cared about at the moment was what was about to take place.

Knowingly, Lauri bent over slightly as Kristian approached him. Kristian wasted no time, quickly pushing the head of his dick inside Lauri, then, with a skilled thrust of his hips, getting the rest of himself inside. Lauri moaned loudly at the contact, the sound going straight to both Jonne and Kristian's cocks. Jonne watched Kristian fuck Lauri for a moment, taking in everything - the way Kristian gritted his teeth as he thrust into Lauri's hot body, the desperate pleasured noises Lauri was making, the way Lauri's hand quickly sought out his own erection. But nothing compared to the sound that came from Kristian when Jonne entered him, the combined pleasure of Lauri in front of him and Jonne behind him making him dizzy in the most marvellous way.

The three of them knew that this wasn't going to be a long fuck, but it was more enjoyable that way. A bolt of lightning lit up the night sky, a sign of the electric feeling of lust in the air. Lauri let a moan slip past his lips, the fact that Jonne was fucking Kristian making Kristian's thrusts even harder, and his need to get off that much greater.

Lauri's hand was now working frantically, jerking himself as fast as he possibly could. Kristian felt himself starting to cum just as Lauri gave a cry, every last drop of passion being milked from his body and spilling over his hand, his muscles clenching tight around Kristian. That was all it took to push Kristian over the edge, and he came, reeling, crying out something that sounded like a cross between Lauri and Jonne's names.

As Jonne continued to fuck Kristian, his pace frenzied, Lauri came up behind him and began to finger him. That and a sudden clap of thunder that shook everything around them was all it took to get Jonne off, and finally all three of them were spent.

Panting, hearts racing, the three men suddenly realized their surroundings and began to laugh at themselves, finding what they had just done right out in the open to suddenly be extremely humorous. They each put their clothes back on and headed back towards their hotel together, possibly to continue their actions - who knew, the night was still somewhat young to the budding rockstars -, unaware that anyone had witnessed their lusty engagement.

"Well, that was certainly interesting," Ruusu stated, watching her idols walk off.

"Uh huh," Siiri said, still stunned by what they had just seen take place. "I think I need new panties."

Ruusu laughed. "You're telling me! I'm even more excited for the show tomorrow night now!"

"I think I just got all the 'show' I can handle," Siiri joked, moving her wet hair out of her face. "Come on, we better get home and get out of these wet clothes."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Ruusu agreed. "You know, we are the luckiest girls in the world." Both of them laughed, knowing the statement was true. "And I'm sure no song they could play tomorrow night will top this!"

~The End~